Key Factors to Know about Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Key Factors to Know about Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a vital part of the success of any business. As a company, you need to work together with an SEO firm, because the rules and regulations surrounding it are becoming increasingly complex. But what are some of the things you have to consider?

Understanding SEO

First of all, you have to understand what SEO is. Very simply put, it is the complex algorithm that decides how high up in the search results you will end up, when someone puts in a search query that could relate to you. This sound simple, but it is anything but, not in the least because you are competing with around 180 million active websites at any given time.

How to Create a Strategy

That number – 180 million – puts things in perspective to a degree. It describes just why it is so important that you work together with a professional agency that knows exactly what to do and what not to do in order to be successful online. They will work together with you to develop an appropriate strategy, based on a number of specific questions. Those are:

  • Who do you target with your information? Today’s SEO is not about grabbing everybody’s attention, but about grabbing the right people’s attention. Hence, you need to know who “the right people” are.
  • How big is your mobile market? Around half of all traffic on the internet today is driven by mobile devices. You need to make sure that your site is mobile friendly, therefore. Google has developed the Mobile Friendly Test so you can see whether you have to improve.
  • Which search engines do you target? Google is the obvious answer here, but there are many more. And lots of them are attracting new people by offering ethical working processes. If, for instance your businesses aims to advertise its sustainable, ethical practices, then you need to find out what those search engines are looking for.
  • Which keywords will give you the greatest return? Once upon a time, it was about finding that perfect keyword and using it again and again. Today, however, it isn’t just about attracting traffic, it is about converting it. This means the focus is much less on keywords themselves.
  • Are you ready to produce content? Content continues to be king. It has to be relevant, with the right keywords in the right places, in the right place, of the right type, and fresh and relevant. Writing quality content is hugely time consuming, and outsourcing this is an excellent idea.
  • Can you find quality links? Link building is no longer the be all and end all of SEO. In fact, after heavy penalties for link purchasing, many websites have dropped it altogether. This means that the competition is much less strong here, so if you do it right, it is actually a vital tool.
  • Have you go your social media ready? You must start to see social media as a vital communication tool between you and all your stakeholders.


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