Keep Your Business Private with the Best Email Archiving Solution

Keep Your Business Private with the Best Email Archiving Solution

We live in a digital world in which we can communicate with everybody by simply clicking a button. Business communication is done almost fully electronically nowadays, which means that a lot of important and sensitive information is sent through the digital stratosphere. This information must be protected and fully tamper-proof, therefore, and that is what the best email archiving solution can achieve.

The Importance of the Best Email Archiving Solution

Corporate data stored electronically is hugely important in terms of litigation. This is known as eDiscovery and is an integral part of any kind of archive system. If a business is sued, they must be able to prove their innocence. This means that you must be able to dig up communications that prove your side of the argument. At the same time, courts may ask you for documents at any point, which you then have to be able to produce. Doing so is made easy thanks to email archiving solutions, particularly those stored on the cloud.

When you have an effective system in place, you can easily manage all the relevant files, while keeping important corporate documents secure at the same time. The archival system keeps everything stored appropriately and it is also completely tamper-proof. There are lots of options to choose from when it comes to archiving solutions, including:

  1. Software as a Service (SaaS), which is a hosted solution designed just for you. It comes with encryption, which is put in place before the data leaves the company itself. This means that nobody other than yourself is capable of accessing the data and understanding it.
  2. On-site storage, which is an advanced type of security. It ensures facts, data, and information is copied from the machine of all your users, which is then stored in the archive from whence it can be retrieved. You do have to pay for both hardware and software, and you will need to have staff on board to manage and maintain it.
  3. Hosted storing, which means the entire system is outsourced to a third party, who maintain and manage all your data. This helps lower infrastructure and maintenance costs. It also means that you no longer have to worry about the physical protection of your data.

Whichever one you choose, you must remember to check at how your sensitive and personal information is protected, both from outside and inside attacks. You have to make sure that nobody within your organization can make any kind of changes to the data that is stored, so that you can always legally prove that what is shown is the original. Similarly, you must ensure that the data you store is completely safe and protected from outside influences. This is particularly important if you do decide to outsource, as this means a third party vendor will essentially have access to your data. However, through excellent encryption methods, this should not be of concern. Make sure you compare the market before signing up with any kind of solution.

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