Jonathan Swerdlow and The Future of Mobile Gaming Industry, iGaming

Jonathan Swerdlow and The Future of Mobile Gaming Industry, iGaming

GamyTech is the first of its kind– a real money skill mobile gaming platform. It is an Malta and Israel-based iGaming company, which allows people to play against each other and place bets on a number of new and classic mobiles games like backgammon, snake and 2048. The difference of this gaming app from the others is that it involves real money, which makes every game more exciting and thrilling.

Who is Jonathan Swerdlow?

GamyTech creator named Jonathan Swerdlow is a person full of curiosity and passion. At a very young age, he had shown a lot of interest in learning the inside mechanism of objects around him such as his toys. He was fond of breaking things into pieces and rebuilding them in order to come up with a new one.

He was only 16 years old when he started leaning towards e-commerce. His first business was about shipping books overnight. However, he had always been interested in real money gaming industry as he was an avid observer of his father’s passion for gambling. He had a good grasp of the gaming world and its overall system through observation.

Later on, Jonathan developed a passion for online marketing and today he is considered as one of the best marketers in his industry. He always keeps an open mind and he doesn’t believe in boundaries. He frequently speaks about new developments of the online gambling industry and marketing at leading conferences and summits around the world.

How did it all start?

Jonathan Swerdlow heard about the iGaming industry first in Israel. He tried to understand and learn the whole system. He saw its full potential when he was playing online poker. He noticed the same kind of interaction between real-life poker players and the virtual poker players. He then wanted to add the element of money in normal games.

In the age where information can be disseminated easily, marketing is the main challenge for an online gaming company. Swerdlow and his team employ social media and guerilla marketing strategies to push the applications to millions of users. Additionally, data analytics and tracking the behavior of the users is a key element for their business.

How did people respond to this new way of gaming?

GamyTech Backgammon app has quickly made its way to being part of the top five backgammon apps available in the app store. The games have been downloaded for about half a million times.

In the game, users are allowed to give their feedbacks, as Swerdlow knows that they can help in making improvements to the app.

What kind of future awaits GamyTech?

Swerdlow, and his team are all set to innovate and produce more types of games for the gaming public to enjoy. Games similar to Candy Crush and Bejeweled, Solitaire game, multiplayer tournaments are being planned to be released.

Swerdlow believes that he has the freedom and ability to create, build and execute his visions every day. He believes that being with the right people who are smarter than he is and being able to follow his passion is a great way to fulfill the dream he has in mind. With his new app, it’s he displays a fusion between creativity and ambition.


Jonathan Swerdlow is an action-oriented person full of bright ideas. Sharing his concepts on how to make online games grow more exciting, he has managed to take the gaming experience to another level.

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