Jason Boreyko on Why so Many Entrepreneurs Consider Startups with a Focus on Health Supplements

Jason Boreyko on Why so Many Entrepreneurs Consider Startups with a Focus on Health Supplements

The health and fitness industry is one of the biggest industries in the world right now, and particularly that which involves supplements. So much so, in fact, that Jason Boreyko has noticed that many entrepreneurs now consider setting up a health company specifically for supplements. Research has shown that 65% of adults take at least one supplement per day, which is significant.

Jason Boreyko on the Role of Social Media

The power of social media is incredibly strong in terms of fitness inspiration and self-betterment. It is also full of ads and claims advertising certain supplements over others, stating celebrities use them, and claiming that they share the opinion of these influencers because they have noticed the benefits themselves. Whether there is any truth in this or whether it is simple advertising is a different question altogether, but it is a fact that people pay attention to it.

Jason Boreyko on the Role of the Beauty Industry

Meanwhile, the beauty industry has also welcome supplements with open arms, giving entrepreneurs even more reasons to consider it as a startup. A quick look on any of the big social media pages, and you may find yourself inundated with various health and wellness products and programs. Meanwhile, we are continuously being encouraged to adapt a healthier lifestyle, particularly by taking supplements to meet our nutritional needs.

Jason Boreyko on the Role of Millennials

The biggest consumer generation right now is that of Millennials and they care a lot about their health. The generation before them was focused specifically on obesity, but this generation is all about health. Of course, obesity fits into that very well and supplements to help us fight the flab are particularly popular. However, changes are seen in all aspects of health. For instance, some 2% of people now consider themselves vegans and most people have stopped smoking and started vaping.

Do Supplements Work?

For an entrepreneur, the question is whether or not something will sell. It is a fact that supplements sell, but it is only the ones that appear to really work that continue to do well. Despite the fact that a lot of scientific evidence is somewhat contradictory in terms of the benefits of supplements, it seems that those who consume a healthy diet and live an active lifestyle while also taking supplements benefit the most of all. That is because the supplements ensure that, every day, the body receives all the dietary nutrients it needs to sustain itself. Not just that, they help to boost the immune system and make it easier to notice positive effects of other lifestyle efforts, such as weight loss and lean muscle mass growth.

It is no surprise that, for entrepreneurs, the supplement industry is absolutely perfect. The products sell and they actually work, so long as they are of good quality. This makes it a true goldmine that has the potential to bring in an income for years to come.

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