Infographic on Majiuanna in the workplace

With varying levels of marijuana use currently being legal in 23 states, businesses are facing the new issue of what they are and are not allowed to do when dealing with employees who engage in its use. While the employees are, indeed, protected by some laws, this does not mean the company has to have 100% tolerance in the area. One myth is that legalization of the drug means employees are allowed to engage in marijuana use on the job. This is not the case. While the laws are still getting hashed out in this area in the courts, employers can still establish a non-smoking policy on the job. If an employee’s use can be considered dangerous to others or to themselves, an employee can be deemed unqualified for their particular position. Another myth is that medicinally and recreationally legalized use encompasses all locations. In fact, many restrictions remain in regards to where marijuana use can take place. Just because someone has a prescription or the law protecting usage, that does not mean businesses are forced to allow it to occur on their premises. The best course of action for a company is too plainly outline what is and is not allowed on the job and on the property as well as drug and testing policies are throughout the entire company. For more information on legalized marijuana and the workplace, check out the following infographic.



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