ILTA Technology Purchasing Survey Infographic

Business is always crucial and it is very important to know your customer’s purchasing habits. From the below infographic by axcient you can see that 281 law firm have taken a survey and we can see their purchases for the past 12 months.64% of them had purchased Laptops/Notebooks.63% of them have purchased desktop or hardwares.50% of them had upgraded servers and network.47% of them had purchased printers and other multifunctional devices and 41% of them have bought software’s like antivirus and spywares. The top 3 hardware purchases were Desktop Pcs, Laptops and printers. Top 3 software purchases were disaster recovery software, litigation support software’s and remote time entry software’s. These purchases are influenced by these sources below.

  • Internet Research.
  • Peers.
  • Consultant Recommendations.
  • ILTA E groups.
  • ILTA annual conference.


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