How to Incorporate Creativity into Your 2016 Marketing Plan

How to Incorporate Creativity into Your 2016 Marketing Plan

Whether you’re selling spaceships or staples, there’s no excuse for a boring marketing plan in 2016. If you think that’s an exaggeration, see Blendtec’s (they sell blenders – that’s it) ‘Will it Blend?’ marketing strategy. It’s genius, and goes to show that whatever your product, a little bit of creativity goes a long way! But what if you just don’t have a punchy marketing team at your disposal? What if inspiration hasn’t quite fallen out of the sky? Cast your eyes over these helpful suggestions…

Bold, bright flags and banners

If you’ve ever watched the Olympics, you’ll know that flags are great methods of advertising. Who doesn’t know which country the Union Jack belongs to? Who can mistake the Japanese flag for belonging to anyone else but Japan? And who could associate the bold red maple leaf with anything other than Canada? The same is true for your business – flags can be used as a creative way to promote who and what your company is. If you want to stand out from the crowd (literally – they’re great placed at trade events, fairs and sports stadiums) bright, bold, eye-catching designs using services like flag printing from Helloprint could be a good way to go.

Memorable business cards

Your business card could be the first impression your customer has of you, and it’s important not to blend into the mush of nondescript cards they’ve already collected. If you want people to take your card, keep your card or even use your card, it’s worth pushing the boat out. Think about the size and shape, use of colour and novelty factor too – and know that if you can dream up anything as creative as these cards, you’re winning.

Make your website beautiful

A good looking website is one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal. As well as offering valuable content, it should look the part – enlist a professional to optimise it for you and make sure your brand comes across strongly. It should have plenty of calls to action, be responsive in its design and tell whoever stumbles across it exactly who you are and what you can do for them.

Showcase your personality on social media

You should already have a Facebook and Twitter account for your business, but why not spend some time on Pinterest or Instagram? These social media sites are best suited for showing a bit of creative flare as they place emphasis on visual content worth liking and pinning. The way you talk to and interact with your customers on social media is important too; your tone of voice should reflect your business’ personality. So, if you’re a vibrant, casual bunch, be sure not to come across too cold or impersonal online!

Let your customers do the marketing

Word of mouth marketing is an effective method of marketing, and is a bit more creative than your average email campaign: you’re likely to pull in and retain customers if they approach you because their friend has made the recommendation. Run quirky giveaway contests that encourage participants to tell their friends about you, or offer discounts for customers who are helping by promoting your business on their social media channels.

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