The customer is king.”

You must have seen this quote a thousand times in a thousand different places. It has been used to remind workers/employees time and time again of the customer’s importance.

And it is a great quote, one that should be followed by all.

The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best, but legendary” – Sam Walton

This is yet another quote, although not as popular as the first but echoes its lessons.

To successfully run a business, you need clients/customers. To be able to keep these customers, you need great customer service. One of the many ways to create great customer service is to employ people who are smart and passionate about their work.

Another way is to communicate the organization’s values clearly to them so that they’re in line.

As important as this is, most top guns in many organizations ignore good communication. They end up creating a void that becomes increasingly hard to close. And this affects the business and its goals.

If you run a company and you want to avoid this, here are ways to go about communicating well with your employees:

  1. Corporate Newspapers

Putting out memos is good. But you can go one further and tell your firm’s story to your employees through corporate newspapers.

In truth, this kind of newspaper print is one of the most ideal ways to help your employees get familiar with the company. You can use it to create custom editorial content which can concentrate on the different departments of the company/business/organization.

  1. One on One Conversation

This may be a lot of work for you as either the CEO or the Managing Director. But if you want to communicate well with your employees, take out time to have one-on-one conversations with them.

Which do you think they’ll be more responsive to?

Your guess is as good as ours. Get up close and personal. Don’t ignore them. They’re the reason you have a company to run/manage. Make them feel part of the family.

  1. Learn the art of listening

These days, people only see communicating as more of expressing one’s self than it is about listening to the other party. And even when we pay attention enough to listen, we usually “listen to respond” instead of “listening to understand”.

Communication is a two-way thing. You can do all the talking, meetings, business briefs and all. If you don’t get feedbacks, it’s almost as good as not communicating at all.

Yes, reaching out is good. But be on the lookout for what your employees are saying (and not saying). It’s another great way to communicate with your employees well.

  1. Use Humour

Yes, we know it’s a business set and as such, everyone should be serious.

But you don’t want to bore your employees to death, right? You can avoid this by creating a lighter mood in the office space with a few jokes here and there.

It shows your employees that you’re not uptight. Also, it gives them the impression that you’re approachable, without which they won’t be comfortable to give you honest feedback.

Your customers are important. But they shouldn’t be too important that you ignore your employees. Create a strong workforce by implementing these tips and communicating well. When the results come in, you’d be glad you did.


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