How to Break Into and Succeed in Dropshipping Business

How to Break Into and Succeed in Dropshipping Business

Today, breaking into and succeeding in dropshipping business is faster, more convenient, and more cost-effective than you thought. You can leverage various automation tools for this purpose, starting with name creation, logo design, e-commerce platform, dropshipping management, product sourcing, to digital marketing.

In this article, we’ll discuss the 6 steps for breaking into and succeeding in dropshipping business and the favorite tools used by successful online retailers and e-commerce startups. In the final part of this article, we’ll further discuss how you can be successful as a dropshipping business owner.

Business Name Creation

Your name could make or break the business, so make sure to choose the most memorable and appropriate name for it. The key is to keep it short and sweet. Try using rhyme, alliteration, or mixing two or more words to create a memorable and punchy name.

Consider using a business name generator, where you can type in each element or just one single word that best describes the business. It can be any word you can imagine: a noun, a verb, an adjective, or others. Caveat emptor, however, don’t infringe any trademark, as it wouldn’t be favorable in the long run.

Logo Design

A memorable logo along with an easy-to-remember business name and domain name can bring out the best of your business. Strong brands, like FedEx, Twitter, Coca-Cola, and Coach all have memorable and distinctive logos. Start this logo development process by researching your competitors and getting inspired from successful stores. Next, use the following free, open source, and paid logo design software and apps to realize what you have in mind.

E-commerce Platform

Once you have the business name, the brand logo, and the domain name, it’s time to choose the e-commerce platform for your dropshipping store. Select from highly-reputable platforms, like Shopify, which comes with built-in professionally-designed themes and templates suitable for e-commerce and organic apps for various functionalities.

Dropshipping Management

Dropshipping app Oberlo is designed to work with Shopify e-commerce store. It simplifies the overall dropshipping process and management, starting with the sourcing of products, global pricing markup, volume product image and specification uploading, out-of-stock alert and shop adjustment, and delivery tracking. All the turn-key features allow shop founders to start selling within minutes of signing up literally.

Product Sourcing

Sourcing products for the store from dropship suppliers can be quite time and resources consuming, as each supplier must be reviewed and evaluated one by one before committing to sell their products at your store. However, with Oberlo, you can locate pre-vetted highly-marketable items conveniently directly from the app dashboard. In addition to managing dropshipping and tracking product delivery, this app also assists in product selection and sourcing that allows you to scale the business from selling tens to hundreds or quickly, even, thousands of merchandise items within a few hours only.

Digital Marketing

Selling dropshipped products online requires aggressive digital marketing. You can combine content marketing, social media marketing, pay-per-click marketing, SEO marketing, and influencer marketing for better results. For influencer marketing, consider using Instagram marketing where you can sell and make money by collaborating with influencers.

In conclusion, to be successful as a dropshipping business owner, you should experiment with the products to sell and the marketing channels. Also, every dropshipping store requires a different approach to marketing, as the target customers’ personas and demographics differ from one product to another.

Whichever products and marketing avenues are chosen for your store, one thing remains the same to stay on track to success: Keep moving forward and learn from your mistakes. After all, only those who continue to focus will eventually win.

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