How to be a Successful Leader Today

How to be a Successful Leader Today

Leadership can be a tricky affair, some of us are born with the instinct and aptitude required to successfully lead teams and individuals to achieve goals, others need to work a little harder but all of us are more than capable of doing so. Many have skewed views of what leadership actually is, many see it like a military style approach where it is your job to stay in line, others see it as simply being head honcho and dishing out orders whilst they relax in a comfy office chair playing online games. Neither of these are going to do you any favors, this list of tips to become a successful leader however, will.

Firm and Fair

To have a successful team it is important that you create boundaries between you and your team, the best way to implement this is by using the system of firm and fair. If you are heavy handed in your approach with your team then they will not be inspired to work for or with you and consequently you will achieve poor results, equally if you are overly relaxed with your team they may well see you as a soft touch and the results will be very much the same. If you need to discipline someone then be firm and unequivocal in your message and if you a member of your team needs something from you then try to help them out. Approaching leadership like this will gain you respect from your team and inspire them to work with you.


Communication within your team is absolutely vital, if you fail to properly communicate then you shouldn’t expect anything but poor results. When I say communicate I’m not just talking about having conversations with your team, it is more than this. It is your responsibility to give a clear message to your team, they need to share your vision for what you want to do and the only way that they will be able to do this is if you can give clear and concise messages. As an example, in Charles Phillips’ role as President of Oracle he lead his team of several thousand in growing the company’s revenue to over 300% in just 7 years, during this time Charles would encourage his staff to instant message him and reply directly, no assistant involved. If a president of a huge company like Oracle can make time for communication then you can too.

Keep Up to Date

The only way that you can successfully launch an attack on your industry is to stay full up to date with what is happening. Information is power and can be a perfect way to catapult your company into the stratosphere, especially if the information concerns your competitors. It is vital that you be pro-active rather than reactive and the only way that you can truly do that is by having a full understanding of what everyone else in the industry is already doing.

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