How Small Airlines Can Save Money

How Small Airlines Can Save Money

Cutting costs as a small airline can be really tricky. With so many expensive outgoings, it can be hard to find areas where you can cut back without risking safety or lowering standards. A lot of budget airlines are really good at cutting costs, so what can small airlines do to take inspiration from them and save money. Here are some top tips:

  1. Save on the Interior

The inside of the plane doesn’t have to be luxurious, it just has to be comfortable enough for customers for the duration of the flight. Things budget airlines do in order to cut costs are build the seats closer together so more people can get on board, use cheaper fabrics for the seat covers and flooring and don’t give out inflight magazines. By trimming down the quality of the interiors you’ll be able to make great savings across a fleet.

  1. Staff

Smaller airlines need less staff so ensuring that you have the required amount on board and no more members is a good place to start. Cutting staff benefits can be a good way to make savings but it’s important to always try to keep staff happy in their job so instead of cutting free staff meals, consider setting them a meal allowance is order to make savings. Staff uniforms are another area where small airlines can make savings, at Flight Store there’s a huge variety of low cost uniforms available.

  1. Weight

The lighter the aircraft the better as fuel is an airline’s biggest cost. By saving on weight, the aircraft effectively uses less fuel so anywhere weight can be cut down is vital. Placing smaller limits on the amount of baggage passengers can check in and bring on board is a good way to do this. Ensuring that the fixtures and fittings on board are made from super light materials can help to aid this too.

  1. Be on Time

One of the big costs to airlines are paying out to customers for delayed flights. Things like letting customers sit on a first come first served basis rather than by allocating seats help to speed up boarding and disembarking times. As does collecting rubbish throughout the flight so that the turnaround time on land is much shorter.

By following these tips, airlines can save money in many areas without compromising passenger’s safety or comfort whilst on board their flight.

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