How Content Supports the Sales Process

How Content Supports the Sales Process

An online sales presentation is a different beast from one given in person, and as such the methods of delivering the presentation have to be tailored to the online market. Quality online presentation tools such as those offered by Clearslide can be very helpful in this process, however content is key. Simple subtleties in the way a concept is worded can make a huge difference in the susceptibility of the audience to want to buy into the presented offerings. Below are a few key ways in which content supports sales, as well as some tips on how to make it effective.




Today’s consumer market is very customer focused. Therefore, you must fully engage the consumer and convince them of how they will benefit from your offerings. The key aspect of accomplishing this task is to present the facts. You not only want to present facts about the sale item, but also facts about how people have benefited from such products or services, as well as information on how people who did not have them were negatively affected. Statistics are particularly helpful in the informational portion, especially in presentations.




In the current popcorn society, it is easy for people to seek and find information quickly and easily on their own. Therefore, it is critical that you give them a reason to listen to you. That is why it is important for your information to not only be informative but entertaining as well. To accomplish this you should incorporate little known facts into your information and give in-depth industry specific information that may not be common knowledge to the general public. Your goal should be to educate your audience on something that they are interested in, or pique their interest about a subject with new information. Either way, you will keep their attention.




Outside of the facts the most effective arsenal that you can use is something that the consumer can relate to. If you can capture an individual’s mental and emotional attentions, your items are as good as sold. When people see that they have something in common with others that have utilize your products or services with positive results, it can help to solidify the idea or their success with it as well, and if they are convinced they can benefit from it they will be likely to purchase. On the contrary, you could also present information sharing someone’s failure without the product or services, which can trigger the individual’s desire not to fall victim themselves. Either way, a detailed story is a great engager.

Causes Action


Any sale ends with a call to action, and an online presentation is no different. A clear and concise call to action makes the decision process quick and final. With the call to action being online you should ensure that the verbiage is clear and that the instructions for securing the sale are simple. The visual presentation should also be attractive, using enticing colors and word font.


Content is the make or break element of an online sales presentation. The right content can be key in securing sales. Make sure that your presentation has informative, entertaining and engaging content, with a clear call to action, and you will be sure to make multiple sales easily.

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