How Can You Mitigate the Damage Caused by Negative Reviews

How Can You Mitigate the Damage Caused by Negative Reviews

Receiving bad reviews is almost impossible to avoid. What you can avoid, however, is for these reviews to have a significant negative impact on your business. The main way to achieve this is by regulating the narrative. You can attempt to do this yourself, but there are a lot of steps involved in doing this properly. This is why you should consider hiring a reputation management company to help you.

How to Regulate the Narrative

There is no way that you can control what other people say, but you can control how you respond. Furthermore, you can try to exert some control over where they say what they have to say. This is why you should have a Facebook page and customer feedback forms, thereby encouraging people to speak directly to you.

Consumers want their lives to be easy. Hence, if they have a problem, they would prefer to address it directly as well. In fact, when this is not available, they will be often get even more angry and start sharing in their personal spaces, where you may not even have the opportunity to leave a reply.

How to Mitigate the Damage

Besides helping you regulate the narrative, a reputation management company will also help you with other issues. This includes:

  • Boosting the positive, by creating regular social media and blog updates for you.
  • Monitoring and track the things that are being said about you both on your own channels and elsewhere.

How to Monitor and Track

Ultimately, you want to be in control of the conversation. You should be aware of what the general view about your brand and product is, and your reputation management company should have performed the necessary damage limitation on the negative. You also have to track what else appears about you, and that has to go beyond a simple Google search.

Again, this is where your reputation management company will come in. They have various tools at their disposal to help you be proactive and to ensure you react when it is necessary. These tools:

  • Provide them with real-time updates, so that you always know knew things, good or bad, that are said about you.
  • Monitor unlimited keywords, be that those you have already used for your own posts, or those that you intend to use later.
  • Provide you with unlimited results, so that you always know what is being said, rather than being limited.
  • Track all of the internet, and not just Google as a search engine.

Put together, these elements should enable you to ensure you know what is said about you, both positive and negative, and show you where you can respond. Finally, however, you will have to formulate your response to these remarks. You should respond to both the good and the bad, and doing this properly is vital. This, unfortunately, is something that a reputation management company will be unable to do for you, as it requires extensive knowledge of your products, services, policies, and procedures.

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