Home Offices: Impressing Clients via Sophisticated and Savvy Windows

Home Offices: Impressing Clients via Sophisticated and Savvy Windows

Contrary to popular belief, home offices aren’t just swanky getaways for the lucky people of this world. As well as allowing some people to work from home, they can also serve the purpose of being the room that converts that “maybe” client into a “yes”. In other words, they can prove to be a clinching factor if you are looking to draw up more business for your company.


Of course, this is only going to affect certain types of businesses out there. The likes of architects and accountants are two obvious professionals that might have their own business and work from home, but really the list is endless. Suffice to say, if you can think of a profession which involves face-to-face meetings – the home office could be a potential setting.

At this point, most home office occupiers are probably drawing up the leather couches, solid oak tables and everything else that usually falls in the “sophisticated” bracket when it comes to furniture. As you may have gathered from the title of this piece, we’re going to move in a slightly different direction. We’re going to concentrate on window blinds, and exactly how these can prove to make the difference if you’re looking to convince that big client that their business should be diverted to your company.

Once upon a time commercial business blinds could be described as vertical slats. Look at a lot of traditional office blocks, and most windows will be lined with vertical blinds that don’t really create that appearance of luxury.

If you can think outside the box, and consider some of the more recent inventions, you can really make a difference to your home office environment though. For example, wood Venetian blinds have always been some of the most stylish window treatments around. Unfortunately, as well as being stylish, they had a gigantic price tag attached which just made them unaffordable for most professionals based at home.

Now, the landscape has changed. Realizing this limitation, manufacturers have developed faux wood offerings which pose the same appearance as the “real deal”, but are comprised of a much cheaper, and ultimately fake, material. In other words, you can still pull off the terrific effect of real wood, at a fraction of the cost. If you want to go the other direction there are new styles of window that have blinds integrated between the panes of glass. Talk about impressing your clients! If this interests you call a reliable pro like Tredent Contracting Services for a consultation.

You don’t always have to rely on wood, or a wood-lookalike, to achieve that sophisticated yet savvy appearance though. Another recent development is a blind that fits perfectly to the glazing – it doesn’t overhang. Most of the time these window treatments are pleated, but the overall effect is just neat and tidy. Additionally, seeing as this is a somewhat new technology, it can just make your office appear a little more “modern” and appeal to clients in a different way.

As you can see, window blinds can be used to stunning effect in the home office. We’ve only talked about the effect that you can make to a client here, but if you shop shrewdly you can also take advantage of them from more practical perspectives and gain all of the insulation, light filtering and other benefits that many of them arrive with.


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