eTargetMedia Reviews – Why Email Marketing Works For Your Business

eTargetMedia Reviews – Why Email Marketing Works For Your Business

As someone who didn’t know an awful lot about digital marketing, I set out a couple of years ago to learn more in order to help boost my revenue in my small store here in Coconut Creek, Florida. After much investigation and speaking to pros like the guys at eTargetmedia, I came up with a strategy which worked very well for me. In fact I would recommend the team a lot and you only need to read the eTargetMedia reviews to see what these guys can do. The biggest issue that I had was around email marketing because many people seemed to suggest that it wouldn’t work. I carried on regardless and email marketing actually formed a key part of the overall strategy. As expected it worked very well and here is why it will work for your business too.


Consumers Prefer It


A recent study that asked consumers how they prefer to receive promotional communication found that 60 percent preferred it to arrive in their email inbox. The general feeling was that messages in there social media channels or even directly to their phone would smack of spam and they wouldn’t pay any attention to it. Emails on the other hand don’t appear to be as intrusive.




With email marking you can tailor each email which is sent to speak directly to the recipient and you can invest in software which can give you a break down of the things that they are interested in and the items which they are buying. Whether you decide to put their name in the subject line or personalize the email itself, you can use this to really speak to the person rather than sending a general email which could be for anyone.


Return on Investment


The ROI on email marketing is one of the best out there and a large marketing organization suggests that for every dollar spent on this marketing strategy, that a business can receive on average $44. That is an incredible return on your investment and further proof that this is a marketing strategy which can work very well indeed for your business. The ROI is the key figure for business owners and when you look at the potential profit which you could make, it would seem foolish not to include it in your marketing strategy.


Fewer Man Hours


This is an incredibly lean way of marketing and it will cost your business very little by way of man hours in order to achieve it. In fact in most cases you can deliver a solid strategy using nothing more than software which can save your company both time and money. Compared with other marketing strategies this is by far the easiest to put together and one of the most profitable, a perfect combination for any small business owner.


Many say it doesn’t work but I say it most certainly does and you should try email marketing today.

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