Eric Wetlaufer – How He Made It In Business

Eric Wetlaufer – How He Made It In Business

Here in Wesson Eric Wetlaufer is something fo a local celebrity, a man who seemingly turns any business which he touches to gold and a man who has made a great success of many a company. I am lucky enough to know Eric from back to our school days and it was clear that he would always be successful and even from an early age he would court interest from local businesses for his advice, which he actually declined in favor of focussing on his studies. After college Eric and his buddy Frank founded Fidelity and the company just went from strength to strength. Thousands of men and women out there are looking for business success and to help you achieve it, perhaps you could learn from what Eric did.




Something Eric was always keen on doing was building relationships between himself and other business owners, as well as suppliers and transportation companies. Eric even made friends with the enemy, suggesting that they are better on his side than on the other. These positive relationships which Eric created ended up helping him out greatly and whenever his business needed help he had lots of people to depend on.


Forward Thinking


Eric has never been one to rest on his laurels and much o this time is spent thinking about the future. I can remember even now that back in his college days he had the words ‘innovate or die’ scrawled on his walls and it is a mantra which he has lived by ever since. Petrified of the business world passing him by or of him not seeing danger when it was on its way, Eric spends a lot of time planning ahead and it is a great characteristic to have as a business owner.


Customer Focus


Customer service was always at the top of Eric’s agenda and whenever he trained new staff he would lay heavy focus on them delivering the very best experience for his customers. Eric believes that as long as you have a great product and happy customers that you will be successful in business and given the success which he has had, I would say that this is pretty accurate.




Most small businesses cannot afford digital marketing companies or anything like that which is why in the early days Eric used to do a lot of himself, thinking up creative ways to get people through the door. The internet wasn’t around then and that means that there is an even greater opportunity for young businesses these days to find ways in which to tell the world about their business. Eric’s passion and energy here were what got him results and he couldn’t wait to tell everyone about how great his company was. These days things are far easier and there is nothing to stop you from sending an email or posting to social media with the same enthusiasm and passion which Eric had.

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