Email marketing tips – One of the most persuasive forms of online marketing

If done in the right way, email marketing has got the potential to one of the most persuasive and effective forms of online marketing and also provides the highest ROI for your business. Despite knowing this, there are some companies which still don’t embrace email marketing strategies in the correct way and this is why they fail to get the desired results which they expect as per their efforts. When it comes to lead generation, email marketing is definitely one of the favorite marketing tactics because it tends to have the best CPA or Cost-Per-Acquisition. There are some simple rules and best practices which you can follow in order to measure the overall performance of email marketing campaigns. Here are some email marketing tips that you should take into account.

  • Responsive designing is a must: It is needless to mention that majority of the emails are nowadays viewed on different kind of mobile devices and most users are constantly using their smartphones on the go to reach content wherever they are throughout the day. Therefore if you wish to reach out to those users who use mobile phones as their main device, it is vital for you to optimize your email marketing campaigns and also be mobile-friendly at the same time. Use a responsive design email so that your campaign works well on all kinds of platforms.
  • Make it simple to subscribe: When you’re opting for email marketing, post a signup on your homepage, Facebook page, blog and wherever else you feel that your fans are pretty active. You may be eager enough to collect birthdays and names or invite them to join groups which don’t go crazy with the desired fields. Don’t make the subscription form too long as these can scare off some people.
  • Tell the subscribers what they should expect: Whether you plan to send some company updates, letters from the president, daily deals, e-commerce sales or weekly tips, it is vital to inform the readers what they should expect and how often you should expect. Give them enough information for sign-up so that they have the discretion of deciding whether or not they wish to be on the list.
  • Send the users a welcome mail: If you’re smart enough, you should remind people when they are already there in the list and reassure them that there are many good things which are in store for them. You may even send some new subscribers a very special offer as this is a new way of thanking them for their special loyalty.
  • Make content easily scannable: Your subscribers are usually some busy people who get lots of mails in a day and hence it is indeed safe to assume that you don’t have their undivided attention. You should include images and subheadings to guide readers and make it easier to scan and tell them subscribers that are in store.

Therefore, if you’re trying email marketing, take into account the above mentioned tips. If needed, check out the facts shared by Anik Singal on online marketing for more information.

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