Digital Marketing Companies – What They Can Do For You

Digital Marketing Companies – What They Can Do For You

There are many techniques used by digital marketing companies to help improve your business. One such strategy is to use social media platforms. Since social media began over fifteen years ago with myspace, business has been using them as advertising and marketing platforms. Now there are so many different sites with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest being the most common to promote and advertise your business or event. Each of the different sites provides new and unique ways to attract and alert customers and each requires you to sell your product in a different way with different content.


Facebook, although a fun interactive site for many is one of the most effective tools in any companies marketing strategy. The best way to use Facebook effectively for marketing is to keep it positive and upbeat, funny anecdotes about your company will attract people attention and spread the word, quite literally as people will share your story for you. If a Facebook post is less than 80 characters it is much more likely to be read, shared and bring about engagement from potential customers.


Facebook also likes pictures or videos, and these get the highest level of interaction and engagement. Images need to be mobile friendly so that people can open them whilst on the move. It is also wise to use the comments section to engage others with the post, a great example being asking for the readers experiences or opinions, again of a light-hearted topic.


Twitter has a 240-character limit. The best way to engage potential customers on twitter is to use questions, facts and statistics, you want to try and encourage as many retweets of your comments as possible. Keep the tweet to a maximum of about 150 characters. The use of hashtags and mentions also increases the amount of interaction your tweet will get. This enables people to quickly identify with the point you are trying to make. Photos and videos are again sure-fire winners on Twitter.


Instagram is mainly used to share images and photographs. When using Instagram, you should follow the two thirds rule whereby the subject of the photograph should only take up two thirds of the screen. Again hashtags, comments that ask questions or encourage others to share their views are also a key to Instagram success, all of this can ensure that your Instagram photo remains at the top of the feed and thus is seen by more potential customers.


If you want to showcase your actual products, then Pinterest is the place to be. Avoid including humans on Pinterest as Images with human faces receive 23 percent less interaction that those without them. Customers on Pinterest tend to enjoy orange and red hues and tones and they like an intriguing background which catches their attention.


As the process changes on an almost daily basis and a digital marketing company has to keep in touch with all of these changes, your digital marketing can easily become a full-time job. This is why lots of businesses will employ a company to look after this area of the business for them.


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