DHF Has Set Stringent Rules in Place and Enerco Meets them all

DHF Has Set Stringent Rules in Place and Enerco Meets them all

The Door & Hardware Federation, or DHF, accredits businesses that meet their stringent standards when it comes to doors and other hardware products. They have recently renewed a campaign to make sure businesses properly maintain industrial roller shutters. This was after an accident in a warehouse in Scarborough nearly killed somebody. As a result, in order to receive the DHF Repair and Service Standard TS004, businesses like Enerco have to show a true commitment to the new regulations and standards.

In a Scarborough warehouse in 2012, a worker suffered multiple injuries after a roller shutter door failed to operate properly. It was later determined that this was due to lack of good maintenance. A fine was raised to the employer, who had to pay £30,000 in compensation. Scarborough Council prosecuted the business under health and safety rulings.

The DHF is the representative body for manufacturers of industrial rolling shutters. They have, for years, tried to tell companies that they must regularly service and maintain all their roller shutters. Since the near fatal accident, however, it seems that people are now finally starting to pay attention. It is unfortunate that someone nearly had to lose their life, however, particularly when considering that various other injuries have also already occurred.

The council’s health and community manager attended the court hearing against the company. Under oath, he reiterated the seriousness of the incident itself and stressed that only luck had prevented this particular accident from being fatal. He felt that the company should be heavily penalized, setting an example to other businesses who do not regularly maintain and service their roller shutter doors. The manager felt that businesses needed to understand that roller shutter doors are dangerous pieces of equipment, and they must be maintained properly.

Following the accident, a full investigation was carried out and it was shown that the roller shutter doors actually had failures in various parts. This could have been prevented if it had been properly maintained and if it had been provided by an accredited business like Enerco. The door had been repaired a few times, but this only happened after a fault and not as part of a regular servicing schedule.

DHF has also made an official statement. They have made it very clear that building owners have to carry out regular maintenance to their roller shutter doors. Only those companies that offer these types of services will now continue to be accredited by them. They feel that this is now a vital step to ensure the continued protection and safety of people working in an environment where these doors can be found. As such, accredited door businesses must now always offer a maintenance service with every purchase if they wish to remain accredited.

The DHF also has various other guidelines in place to make sure maintenance, servicing and repairs are done properly. This includes a Code of Practice for the Repair and Maintenance of Industrial and Commercial Doors. This document clearly spells out the different actions that should be taken in order to make sure the door retains its optimum quality and that it can operate safely throughout its lifecycle.

The DHF represents the various businesses that deal in commercial, industrial and garage doors. Additionally, they offer guidelines for suppliers and manufacturers in the UK that create architectural ironmongery, locks and building hardware. Their aim is to make sure quality standards throughout the industry are as high as possible and are properly maintained at all times. This is done to protect both the integrity of the product and the safety of people.

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