Could Portable Storage Containers be Your Retail Solution?

Could Portable Storage Containers be Your Retail Solution?

Retailers often face a difficult period of time when they leave one premises at the end of a lease, and find that they have a period of time between closing and being able to open up in their new premises. It’s something that should be avoided, but at times that’s not possible. It can feel very difficult as a business to find a way to continue to earn during this period, but many businesses are now utilising portable storage containers to help them to continue to work.

Companies who are moving to new sites that are yet to be built are using the land to open up an adapted portable storage container to continue trading. Obviously there are certain permissions that need to be sought, depending on where you are operating, but if you are able to do it legally, then it can be a fantastic way of keeping the money rolling in.

Obviously, you have to have a container that services the needs of yourself and your customers, but there are so many adaptations you can make. A starting point is of course access and light. It’s very simple for a quality storage company to be able to fit a container with a door and a window, and these are almost available off the shelf, in a huge range of sizes. The bespoke nature goes way beyond this though. If you fancy some improved flooring, or even carpet, then no problem. If you’ve got a very specific idea of the size of unit you’re after, again it shouldn’t be a problem. Find a good supplier, and you should be able to specify pretty much whatever width, length or height you want. Even if you want swing up and rollout doors, all you need to do is specify it!

If you want to get carried away internally, you can. You can add power and light without too much problem, and you can also fit plumbing to these things! If you want the container to come with built in storage internally and shelving, then that should be simple enough too. In fact, you can go for a full interior build out with dry lining and for a final flourish, why not go for a gabled roof?!

These containers really do become fully functioning retails premises in their own right, if you want them to be. Of course, you have to be sure to find a company who can fit out like this skilfully and so that it’s still financially viable. There are many companies out there who tackle this sort of work, but it’s easy to assume that only a handful will be able to deliver something truly bespoke at a good price. You need to search online and make sure you find a company who has the years of experience along with the reputation that will give you the confidence that they can tackle a job like this. Find that company, and you can save yourself a fortune in lost trade.

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