Cloud Computing and Your E-Commerce Operations: A Modern Match Made for Business Success

Cloud Computing and Your E-Commerce Operations: A Modern Match Made for Business Success

If you run an e-commerce business, you may have already heard a lot about going into the cloud. Cloud software is becoming the main way that e-commerce businesses operate, and they work perfectly together. Cloud-based software is becoming the preferred option. It is simple and efficient, even when managing complex tasks. Here are some of the main benefits of using cloud-based solutions for your business.

Quick to Start

There are many benefits of cloud computing, and one of these is how quick it is to get started. With traditional software, you have to install and maintain it, which takes up time and money. But you don’t have to worry about this with cloud software. Installation is not necessary, and you can often start just by clicking a few buttons.

Save Time Updating

Not only do you have to install traditional software, but you also have to update it. This takes up time and resources that you could be directing elsewhere, but with cloud software, this is all done for you.

Store Your Data Safely

There is a misconception that the cloud is unsafe, but this is not the case. In fact, for your e-commerce business, you can store your data securely in the cloud on hosted servers. If you do not have your software in the cloud, and instead have it onsite, it could be affected by fire, theft, a power cut, or anything else.

Access from Anywhere

One of the major benefits of cloud software is that you can access it from anywhere. There is no need to be in your office, and you can instead access your e-commerce stores from anywhere you want to. If you travel, this is very useful, or you may want to work from home. This allows you to take advantage of opportunities to run your business on the move.

Reduce Downtime By Using a Cloud-Based Host

Uptime is essential for any e-commerce store. If people visit your store only to find that the website is down, you are undoubtedly missing out on sales. It could also harm your reputation in the long-term.

You can help to reduce downtime by using a cloud-based host. These provide you with a number of servers that are linked together, rather than relying on one physical server. This way, if something goes wrong with a server, your website should still stay up and running. Just make sure you choose a solution with a good reputation for security as well, like an IBM iSeries host.


The cloud is scalable, which is useful for growing businesses. Many solutions can be expanded as you grow, or reduced if you do not require them. This is excellent for a small e-commerce operation that is just starting out, because you can scale up as your business grows.

Move Your Business into the Cloud

The cloud and e-commerce were made for each other. If you are running an e-commerce operation, or you are thinking about starting your own business in the future, make sure you look at all the benefits provided by the cloud. You can enjoy greater security, flexibility, and scalability, while helping to reduce your downtime, making it a great option for any e-commerce business.

Jack McDonald is a self proclaimed geek! He works as an engineer for a web hosting company and is also interested in the business/consumer side having started his own small e-commerce business recently. His articles appear on small business and tech related blogs around the net.

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