Challenges Faced by Today’s Businesswomen

Challenges Faced by Today’s Businesswomen

More and more women are taking on senior and top management positions, holding key responsibilities. This should be surprising, because woman have equal, if not greater, strength of character and competence than many men. Women in business are taking over roles that were strongly male-dominated in the past, being included in decision making roles more and more frequently. There are also women who build up their own empire, and really change the world. From Oprah Winfrey and Harpo to Marylon McGinnis, Global Support officer at CEO Charles Phillips’ Infor, these women are relied upon to be the mistress of any situation.

Barriers Continue to Exist

Despite these strong and powerful role model women, the reality is still that all women are face with particular challenges if they want to reach the top. A large part of this is that, for many, a woman’s role continues to be one of nurturing and care, rather than running multimillion dollar global enterprises. Even if women can break through that, they find themselves in an environment that was created by men, for men. This means that they always have significant issues to struggle with. But women are proving themselves again and again, despite these barriers.

The idea that woman have certain roles continues to exist in today’s world. All over the planet, the idea has long been that women were responsible for households and children. Not to be leaders. Unfortunately, this notion continues to exist in many cultures and locations all over the world, and this is a significant challenge that women have to face.

Businesses continue to be highly male orientated, and many of their features demonstrate this. For instance, hierarchy, according to which most organizations operate, is a very male characteristic. It encourages competition instead of collaboration, and women tend to do exactly the opposite: they are more likely to collaborate than to compete. This means that, when they do take over a business, they often have to deal with a culture that doesn’t truly suit them.

Traditionally, women were solely nurturers. They looked after the family, and that was all. Today, it is far more acceptable for women to be in business, but it is still them who take on the lion’s share of the household chores, even if they work as well. This is a testament to the strength of women, however, as it shows that they can multitask and manage far better than anyone else. Naturally, it doesn’t make it right, but it does show female managers have all it takes to do whatever is needed.

The fact that women deal with significant challenges in business is no secret. But what is becoming even less of a secret nowadays is that women have the ability to overcome these challenges, to break down the barriers, and to take charge of what they want. Women who can manage these challenges, the true movers and shakers in the world of business are more capable than anyone else when it comes to leading the world to its next great success.

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