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Investments You Need to Make For Your Online Business

Business can be tough at the best of times especially when it comes to the finances, as the old saying goes, you must speculate in order to accumulate but deciding on exactly where you should be investing money can be tough. If you have an online business then you will be saving a greta deal of money compared to a traditional brick and mortar business by way of rental and staffing etc. With that being said, you will still need to choose wisely when it comes to exactly which areas of the business Read more [...]

How to Secure the Long-Term Success of Your Business Blog in Four Steps

What separates time-tested blogs that drive revenue versus struggling sites with tepid traffic? Is it post frequency? The quality of the writing? Link-building power? While anyone can build a blog that makes money, it takes some  legwork to turn your blog posts into serious dollars and cents. However, what's perhaps more important that making money is securing your on-site income for the long-term. Think about it: your blog can come crashing down around you if you don't have the right Read more [...]

Social Media Management Can Make Your Website Go Viral

Nowadays, every website is doing what it can to go "viral." After all, if you have seen some of the silly videos or memes that have made their way around the internet, you might assume that if those things can get famous, so can your website. It's true that social media websites like Facebook and Twitter provide the potential for promoting your site to the world, but it does take some effort. Luckily, firms like Social Vantage do provide professional social media management services for those Read more [...]
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SEO: Where It’s Been and Where We Are Now

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) used to be in a very dark place. The early days of SEO consisted of some pretty nasty tricks such as stuffing hidden keywords all over the page or changing the content of a page depending on if the user was a search crawling bot or a human. In the beginning, you could rank a page for almost any topic regardless of what the web page was actually about. Search engines got smarter, but so did black hat SEO hackers. The escalation of techniques and tricks become reminiscent Read more [...]


If you have an upcoming class-evaluation knocking on your door and you are required to submit an essay that will not only decide the quality of your writing, but also your overall academic grade, then they can help you avail the help of the professionals in the world of literature. So, instead of racking your brain over “who will write my essay for me in my hours of need” and while asking for the assistance of the skilled and scholarly essay writing service provider, you will not just be buying Read more [...]

3 Lessons a Regular Job Can Teach About Freelancing

When you trade your day job for a freelancing career, you give up a regular flow of income in exchange for greater professional freedom. And with nearly 70% of U.S. workers finding themselves not engaged at work, you can’t really be faulted for deciding to go solo. However, just because you’re avoiding a regular office setup doesn’t mean you get to leave everything behind. Some practices and habits that you’ll develop in a regular job can actually be applied to freelancing. After all, you’ll Read more [...]

The Power of Images for Social Media Marketing

Social media is a big part in our everyday lives, it has become a tool for daily socialization and continues to evolve in various shapes and forms, however, something similar did form from all these networking sites, and that would be their ability to showcase images. All social media sites today either have a feature that allows them to post images and or are actual image apps. So why did social media get so visual? According to eMarketer, photos accounted for 87% of interaction rate on Facebook Read more [...]

Essential Social Media Do’s and Don’ts for Businesses

Likely your business already has at least fledgling accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which all offer free business marketing tools that customers and potential customers increasingly flock to. When used properly, social media has the potential to bring in customers your business could never have reached before. With all the advantages social media brings, however, there are some pitfalls to watch out for. In an epic Twitter fail in June 2015, a BBC journalist mistakenly tweeted that Read more [...]

Cloud Computing and Your E-Commerce Operations: A Modern Match Made for Business Success

If you run an e-commerce business, you may have already heard a lot about going into the cloud. Cloud software is becoming the main way that e-commerce businesses operate, and they work perfectly together. Cloud-based software is becoming the preferred option. It is simple and efficient, even when managing complex tasks. Here are some of the main benefits of using cloud-based solutions for your business. Quick to Start There are many benefits of cloud computing, and one of these is how Read more [...]

ILTA Technology Purchasing Survey Infographic

Business is always crucial and it is very important to know your customer’s purchasing habits. From the below infographic by axcient you can see that 281 law firm have taken a survey and we can see their purchases for the past 12 months.64% of them had purchased Laptops/Notebooks.63% of them have purchased desktop or hardwares.50% of them had upgraded servers and network.47% of them had purchased printers and other multifunctional devices and 41% of them have bought software’s like antivirus Read more [...]