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Raising engagement of your brand

It’s one thing to market your brand and get the name out there but how do you engage a target audience? For businesses the key is in finding the right balance to not only push your message out there but also to make sure it’s not all one way traffic. In other words you don’t want to be talking to a room for of people that aren’t listening and interacting with what you have to say. There are lots of ways to engage your audience whatever form of marketing that you do. From competition or vouchers Read more [...]

Tips for Engaging your Audience in your brand at an Exhibition

If you’re taking your brand to a trade or marketing exhibition, you’ve no doubt started to think about things you can do to help maximise the success of your time there, in terms of making an impact on the attendees and hopefully making some sales or securing long-term partnerships. Exhibitions and trade shows allow you to connect with your audience on a personal level, so you should aim to utilise this to your advantage as much as possible. A key way to do this is to really engage those passers-by Read more [...]

How to Create a Great Content Marketing Plan

Every business needs a way to get the word out, whether you're promoting blog posts or you have actual products to sell. Want to create a solid marketing plan? Here are the steps you’ll need to take. 1. Determine Your Goals What is it that you want to accomplish with your marketing? Write down a short list of goals. You’re going to refer back to these goals several times throughout this process. 2. Audit Your Current Content What are you doing that’s working? What isn’t making Read more [...]

Top Trends in Internet Marketing for 2013

It’s absolutely true that the Internet has changed the way we live – and even the way we do business. Digital innovations have brought us increasingly interactive, visually exciting websites; social networks abound everywhere; and almost everyone has experienced the benefits of online shopping. The business sector has not escaped the digital revolution, either. Any modern enterprise now has a website to speak of, and Internet marketing is at its peak. But the world of Internet marketing is truly Read more [...]

Corporate Name Badges – Their Importance in the Australian Corporate Sector

A corporate name badge is a way of identifying yourself officially. It will assert the official capacity of an employee of an organisation to the potential clients. Wearing name badges is not something new in the Australian corporate sector. It has been around for a long time and has successfully proved its efficiency in enhancing the image of an establishment.  These badges also play an important role in boosting the business prospects of an organisation. By having the name and logo of the organisation, Read more [...]

Gain More Custom and Interest with Custom Built Exhibition Stands

Businesses attending exhibitions and trade shows will be faced with the question as to whether or not a custom built stand can make a difference. Can they provide better results than a regular exhibition stand? Average stands can no doubt make an impression, but can it make the best impression for your business? A well-designed, custom, unique stand specifically designed for your business can do more helping your business gain positive attention and stand out over the competition. Exhibitions Read more [...]