Business Travel Master: Essential Apps To Stay on Top While On The Road

Business Travel Master: Essential Apps To Stay on Top While On The Road

Heading out onto the road for your company can be a real challenge. Not only are you away from your home base, you don’t have all of your typical tools at your disposal to help you get everything done.


The good news is that app makers have created tons of apps with the business traveler in mind, app that help you do everything from keeping your data secure while you’re on the road to staying in touch with your colleagues. Here are a few helpful apps that can make you feel like you’re at home, even when you’re not.


Avast Mobile Security


When you’re traveling for business, chances are that you will be using a few public WiFi points to access your data. That’s good for your data plan, but it’s also good for hackers who want to steal your data.


The Avast Mobile Security app gives you the peace of mind so you can use any public WiFi spot and not have to worry about losing your data to a nefarious party. It prevents everything from infected emails to websites and messages and it helps you create a security net around all of your devices.


The app also features an anti-virus engine, a firewall for your devices, a privacy advisor that will give you helpful suggestions about security and an app-locker so that only you can open the app to adjust the settings.


The app is free, but there is a small fee if you want to upgrade to the premium features.


Skype for Business


When you’re away from the office, you still probably need to keep in touch with your supervisors and colleagues, and there’s no better app to do so that Skype for Business.


This app is simple and intuitive to use and lets you talk to one person or create a conference call with many others. You can initiate a call so you have total control over the meeting, allowing you to mute or remove participates. If you need to plan ahead, you can schedule a call and inform everyone through the app so they will know when they will need to join. You can search your contacts by name, phone number or email, so you will always be able to talk to the person you need.


Weather Live Free


The weather is one of the few things you cannot control while you’re on the road, but you can definitely stay “in the know.” This weather app available on Google Play will tell you everything you need to know about the conditions of whatever area you’ll be traveling to next.


Temperature, humidity and wind information are all provided for you in an easy-to-use interface. You can also watch a live weather radar and look up to seven days ahead for future weather conditions. This app can help you plan your business trip accordingly.


When you’re ready to hit the road for work, try these apps.


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