Business Influences Michael Giuffrida

Business Influences Michael Giuffrida

When I was first starting out in business here in Connecticut I used to go to many conferences and business groups in places like Hartford and Southington. I’ll be honest that I felt very much out of my depth when I first started in business and the truth is that I was at these events primarily to learn, rather than to simply make contacts. During my time around this circuit I was lucky enough to meet the wonderful Michael Giuffrida, the excellent and highly successful business man who has a brain that simply functions differently from the rest of us, his is one that focusses purely on business. I was greatly inspired by Mr. Giuffrida and here is how he helped me to gain more confidence in what I was doing.


Making Time


The first time that I met Michael I was quite shy to speak with him, I believed that he wouldn’t care about someone fresh like myself and so I quickly introduced myself and then went to leave. I was blown away when he took the time to ask me about my business, and even more so about how genuinely interested he was in what I was trying to do with it. Despite his dizzying success and his tight schedule, he sill had time to talk to young up and comers, he told me it is because he remembers what it was like for him.




We swapped details that day and honestly I never expected to hear from him again. A week later however I received a email asking for a Skype call with Michael’s secretary, I made the call and who would answer? The man himself of course Mr. Giuffrida. During a quick 10 minute chat he told me that he had been thinking about my business and offered me a couple of contacts which I made find useful, which I did incidentally. Once again I was amazed that this man took so much interest in my business and that he was even trying to help me, despite how busy he was.




Just 2 years after meeting the business mogul Mr. Giuffrida we were looking for some investment to push our operations a little bit further and I thought why not give him a shout, it is always worth a try. Whilst he was unable to invest at that time, he put me in touch with 3 local businessmen in the Connecticut area, who were more than happy to invest in what we had going, surely because the great man himself had recommended it.


The reason why this man was an inspiration to me beforehand was because of how successful he has become and how well he runs his business interests. Since our very first meeting however it is clear that Michael Giuffrida is an inspiration because of the way he handles himself as well as his companies, always available, always helpful and very charming indeed. They say that everyone you meet in business is a shark, but not this time.

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