Banner Advertising – Should it be your ‘Go To’ Marketing Tool?

Banner Advertising – Should it be your ‘Go To’ Marketing Tool?

No matter the size of your business, advertising is a must, whether it’s to push your latest product or build brand awareness you’ve got to get your name and message out there in front of the people you want to court as customers or clients.

There might be some businesses which are considered ‘too big to fail’ but there is no business which is ‘too big to not advertise’. This is how the whole advertising industry has been built on the back of businesses wishing to promote their products and services.

If you want value for money for your business marketing efforts, just look at some of the tried and tested advertising methods which have worked well over the years for both small and large enterprises.

While the latest gimmicky or high-tech digital ads may seem very appealing, how effective are they? With higher usage of adblocking software and people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen becoming virtually oblivious to any ad that appears – you have to question how effective the response rate is in terms of the time and money involved to manage and track a digital ad campaign.

There are also plenty of smaller businesses which do not transact online and have no ambitions to serve a global target market. In such cases, more direct and conventional marketing techniques can be even more efficient and cost effective.

Promotional banners

Yes, they’ve been around for an eternity – and with good reason – they work! Whether you want to suspend your banner out on the street, have it hung from your business premises or at the roadside, will depend greatly on your type of business and who you want to attract. Banners send a clear (and usually big) message to those who might be interested in what you’re offering, and all for a modest demand on your advertising budget. Get the messaging right and you’ll be able to use a well-designed pop up, roll up or pull up banner again and again, making it truly super efficient.

Key banner considerations

To get the most from your promotional banner, you need to carefully consider its size, shape, colour scheme, content and location. These primary considerations will be driven by the type of business, business location, target demographic and where they are likely to see the banner. It’s key that you make sure your banner delivers on all points – for a truly great response.

Experts in banner printing can recommend different styles of banner and types of material taking into account the location, and create a layout which is eye-catching and attention grabbing. Makes sure to consult those whose business it is to create banners which deliver a high response rate for the best result for your business.

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