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Top 10 Healthy Office Snacks

If you are a snacker at home, prepare for that habit to hit you hard at work. The best way to do that is to bring snacks with you from home to help curb hunger and add protein to get you through between mealtimes. Keeping healthy snacks on hand at work ensures that you do not make the mistake of heading to the vending machine.   String Cheese: High in protein, string cheese provides a small amount of fat and only about 80 calories.   Nut mix: Put together an assortment of Read more [...]

Become a great leader: try these tips

There are cool, commanding leaders in history, the types you’re told about in history classes and dull-as-ditch-water documentaries. And then there are the dopes, the types that ran countries into the ground and caused a mutiny before they could even hand in their P45. If you’re a budding manager, chances are you’re biting your nails about which one you are. Will people warm to you like a hot water bottle? Or will they give you the same level of respect reserved for convicted criminals? Ultimately, Read more [...]

Some superb business ideas you can try out in 2015

There are people who have started thinking about some potential business ideas that they could start off with a few years ago. But that became a teaching tool for them since they couldn’t get a chance to think forward about it in the tough economic environment. Some business experts say that the place to begin with, if you’re starting a new company is with the need of the market and not the new idea that has struck your mind. Whatever may be the idea that you’ve thought of, you also have to Read more [...]

How to Avoid These Common Tax Scams

Honest citizens have little to fear from the Internal Revenue Service, but criminals prey on the naive and the complacent. It’s everyone’s responsibility to report truthful information and pay their share of annual income taxes, but conmen may attempt to convince you otherwise. It is okay to save a little on your tax bill, but it’s never a good idea to cheat the IRS. Below are five common tax scams to avoid at all costs. The Zero Gain Game Since the tax rate is based on your income, Read more [...]

Protecting Records in a Fireproof Environment

Without the safety of a vault door to protect your business, a fire can destroy the vital records of your organization at any time. A burned document is irretrievable and unrecoverable. A loss of this magnitude is devastating to a business financially. It disrupts operations and endangers legal rights. Perhaps the worst part is that historical data disappears permanently.   An organization must plan well in order to circumvent a loss of this kind. For instance, a records disaster plan covers Read more [...]

How Content Supports the Sales Process

An online sales presentation is a different beast from one given in person, and as such the methods of delivering the presentation have to be tailored to the online market. Quality online presentation tools such as those offered by Clearslide can be very helpful in this process, however content is key. Simple subtleties in the way a concept is worded can make a huge difference in the susceptibility of the audience to want to buy into the presented offerings. Below are a few key ways in which content Read more [...]

Infographic on Majiuanna in the workplace

With varying levels of marijuana use currently being legal in 23 states, businesses are facing the new issue of what they are and are not allowed to do when dealing with employees who engage in its use. While the employees are, indeed, protected by some laws, this does not mean the company has to have 100% tolerance in the area. One myth is that legalization of the drug means employees are allowed to engage in marijuana use on the job. This is not the case. While the laws are still getting hashed Read more [...]

Materialize your dream of running your own business – Lucrative business ideas for 2015

Are your dreams of starting your own business being frustrated by the notion that you have to come up with some brilliant new ideas? If answered yes, think again. The key to success is definitely to come up with a business idea that is relevant in the present market condition and a business that meets the needs and wants of the customers. You might have perhaps noticed that the majority of the most successful new businesses are entirely based on some interesting ideas, services and products with Read more [...]

Managing Labor Costs With Asset Tracking

It can be costly for construction and business owners to manage their fleets. This type of management requires a lot of time, and it is crucial to the success of the business’s operations. In order to reduce the costs involved with managing labor, many business owners are utilizing asset tracking technology. This is a powerful tool that can offer many benefits to today’s companies, and it is often overlooked. Labor Costs Generally, additional labor costs are a result of two primary reasons. Read more [...]

10 Reasons it Makes Sense to Hire an Accountant as a Freelancer or Contractor

Although many freelancers or small contractors decide to handle their finances themselves, there is a growing trend towards hiring an accountant to handle the monetary side of their business for them. There are a number of reasons for this which are highlighted below. Reason #1: Free Up Your Time One of the most common reasons for hiring an accountant to handle the financial side of operations is that it frees up the freelancer’s or contractor’s time. This allows them to concentrate on other Read more [...]