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Important Points in a Major Office Expansion

Once your company reaches the point where its current offices are no longer enough, you’ll be forced to either rent/purchase a new place, or construct one from the ground up. The latter option can be very attractive to companies with sufficient funding that also have a solid long-term plan, but it’s also something that has to be approached in a very careful manner. One small mistake in this area can cost you a great deal of money, not just now but in the future as well. Consider Your Budget Read more [...]

When Is The Business Litigation Attorney Hired?

Every single aspiring entrepreneur out there needs to understand the fact that there are always various options available as the business is opened. There are numerous corporate entities that can be considered. Every single entity out there has some specific formalities and benefits. The choice of a corporate structure always depends on the business type that is to be established. Business attorneys are actually needed by both small and large businesses whenever they join a partnership, start work Read more [...]

What Makes A Successful Entrepreneur?

Officially, the entrepreneur is an individual that manages and organizes an enterprise, especially a business of any kind, normally with considerable risk and initiative. This is a really wide definition so we should never assume that every single person that opens a business is actually an entrepreneur. In fact, most people that open businesses fail in the first year. Matias Campiani highlights the fact that being an entrepreneur is highly complicated. There are so many different things that Read more [...]

MEM Concessions LLC – Understanding Intellectual Property Rights

It is more than likely that unless you are a legal professional that you won’ understand a great deal about intellectual property rights, and you can certainly be forgiven for this. With that being said however anyone who operates in the world of business must have, at the very least, a basic understanding of what intellectual property rights are. Falling foul of the law here can have some serious consequences and so we spoke to the guys at MEM Concessions LLC, to find out more about what they Read more [...]

What Makes Eric Horbacz So Successful

Eric Horbacz is an absolute giant in the food and leisure industry here in North Carolina and he is someone that has found great success in a number of endeavors. I was very fortunate to catch up with Eric at a recent conference which was help in North Carolina to talk about the food and beverage industry, where Mr. Horbacz is considered almost like royalty. During our conversation we talked about a number of topics such as the state of the industry and I was also able to pick his brains about how Read more [...]

How to Create a Staff Culture Like Best Version Media

Best Version Media is a publishing company that creates micro tag magazines for a number of small organizations, niche industries and communities and towns. The company has received rave reviews and has a great reputation for creating an incredible staff culture within their workforce. The culture is one of freedom and creativity which encourages hard work and also that their staff feel free, relaxed and love working for the company. Many traditionalists will tell you that this is no way to run a Read more [...]

Peter Zieve – Why Giving Back To The Community Is Essential

A recent study was carried out by the Daily Herald here in Mukilteo about the number of people that do things which they consider to be giving back to their local community. What was most surprising about this study was that very few people said that they do anything at all to help the community, a sad indication of the times that we are living in. The newspaper started a campaign to encourage more people to give back to the city and their community and in light of this I spoke to Peter Zieve, the Read more [...]

Eric Wetlaufer – Why More Women Are Starting Their Own Business

In many different sectors and industries around the world we are finally seeing more and more women get involved, including in the world of business. For many years this was an industry which was massively dominated by men but thanks to many trailblazing ladies, and men like Eric Wetlaufer who has always had a foreword thinking approach, we are now seeing more women in the world of business. Eric is a good friend of mine from Wesson and he is a very successful man who has done wonderful things with Read more [...]

Michelle Marquez – The Emergence Of Ladies in The Stock Exchange

It is fair to say that the stock exchange and financial markets were for many years dominated by men. This happened in all walks of the stock market too from the legal side of it such as the securities commission fraud prevention and arbitration to the traders that actually make deals on the trading floor. When I was in university studying law my best friend there Michelle Marquez always dreamed of going on to work in these areas of the stock exchange, and was always unperturbed by the fact that Read more [...]

Risks Of Your Business Failing to Check People

If you are recruiting people for your business then you must understand that one of the most important aspects of recruitment is that you check people that you wish to hire using a thorough review of their background. There is no excuse for failing to do this as there are many companies that offer the service for low cost, many even offer a refund if you aren’t satisfied. A background check is about far more than simply typing the person’s name into Google, it is a full and through check on everything Read more [...]