Arnon Dror confirms the best work experience to get you a job in the finance sector

Arnon Dror confirms the best work experience to get you a job in the finance sector

Arnon Dror of Portland Oregon, senior operations executive has spent his working life dedicated to the financial sector.  VP of Finance for the US Channel Group, Xerox, he is an extremely high level professional who is renowned worldwide in his field. He is appalled by underhand intelligent crimes such as trafficking and fraud as he thinks people could use their obvious financial skills in a positive manner as he has done.

Although finance jobs are very well sought after, luckily it is a sector where work experience is prevalent. There are many internship opportunities with large and small companies alike. Banking, finance and accountancy.  Large companies offer insight days where you can shadow young professionals. This is a very informal way of getting to know how things work and making valuable contacts. It also helps you establish if you are entering into the branch of finance that is most suited to yourself and your skillset.

An increasing number of companies are offering internships to compliment your first year of study. They are slightly less competitive and are usually for a few weeks over the summer.  Lots of university courses prefer you to have a gap year in industry and this is an ideal time to practice what you have learnt and make key contacts who could last for your whole career. Three quarters of positions are filled by undergraduates who have come along to the business, showcased their knowledge, made friends and proven their worth as an employee.

It is also wise to think outside of the box and to investment banking offers a lot of intern opportunities. It might not be an area that you have considered but there is a lot going on and there are a lot of opportunities in this sector why not give it a try after all this is the beauty of work experience. It is not just for an employer to find out whether you are suitable for them but also for you to discover whether this is the work for you. In the same vain why not look into insurance, pensions, wealth management and retail banking as other interesting sectors with many jobs available.

Think outside the box, don’t forget about the private sector, large or small businesses. If you have a passion or hobby such as media or art, science or engineering then why not combine your two passions and look for financial work in these areas. Every type of business needs a finance sector or department. Arnon may have liked to combine his love of the Boston Celtics and the New England patriots and do some of their finances! Keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground, read financial journals and newspapers chance your arm and contact the major players or media giants. Join forums, read blogs. Do some charity work, this shows your well-rounded  nature and will always improve your skills and you will be surprised who other charity workers may know or be connected to and who will name drop you.



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