Anura Leslie Perera the Ethical Businessman

Anura Leslie Perera the Ethical Businessman

While many people decide to do business for a shot of getting rich, Anura Leslie Perera believes that successful corporations also have an obligation to help and improve society. Putting money where his mouth is, Anura Leslie Perera raised funds through the Phylnormel Foundation to help the construction of the Nairobi Buddhist Temple in Kenya. Dedicated to the memory of Mr. George and Mrs. Normal Perera, the Theravada Buddhist organization participates in various humanitarian projects to alleviate the suffering of victims of natural disasters like the Nepal and Haiti earthquakes, the Asian tsunami and Philippines typhoon. The Buddhist temple also helps victims of the Sri Lankan civil war rebuild their lives now that Sri Lanka is at peace.

Anura Leslie Perera’s Advice on Corporate Philanthropy

Anura Leslie Perera, being a successful businessman, knows the value of a good dollar. However, he is also aware that not everybody can afford to be so generous when financial budgets are tight. This is why he also recommends that companies donate their time if they cannot spare their cash. Many charity and humanitarian organizations are often short on manpower and would gladly accept volunteers who can spare their time to participate. Anura Leslie Perera also believes that if a corporation fosters a spirit of generosity, this would help encourage employees to be more giving and open to the idea of philanthropy. It is also imperative to make connections with other entrepreneurs and successful business people who are also enthusiastic in supporting and improving society. Anura Leslie Perera firmly believes that corporate philanthropy benefits everybody: society gets help, the employees feel good about themselves, and the corporate gets to improve its reputation.

Anura Leslie Perera’s Background

Born in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Anura Leslie Perera became interested in engineering and business while growing up. He then moved across the world to Zambia and joined Caterpillar Inc. as an engineer and sales professional. He then became the Chairman of the Singaporean aerospace manufacturer Raycom Aerospace Pte Ltd. And regularly trains employees on business development in the Middle East. Recently, Anura Leslie Perera was successful in facilitating the signing of an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) between Raycom Aerospace and the Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC) to develop and improve the Al Ain aerospace cluster’s infrastructure. One might think that all his engagements and responsibilities, Anura Leslie Perera would be too busy for any hobbies, but the man actually still finds some free time for both cricket and reading. What’s more, he regularly comes out in radio and television shows to spread knowledge and understanding. Additionally, Anura Leslie Perera also does not shy away from giving talks and seminars.

Philanthropy Is a Group Effort

Thankful for all his achievements, Anura Leslie Perera does not simply rest on his laurels. On the contrary, he believes that he certainly can afford his time and money to help improve the quality of life of those who are less fortunate than him, and he encourages others to do the same.

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