An entrepreneur’s guide to using Twitter effectively

An entrepreneur’s guide to using Twitter effectively

As a technological laggard, you’ve stood by as fellow business colleagues have adopted social media sites like Twitter as a key cornerstone of their marketing and customer outreach efforts.

Entrepreneurs at every level have done this for a while now; for example, John Bradberry Charlotte NC has had a Twitter presence for several years, as he realized the power of this social media platform to help promote his consultancy and aid potential clients to achieve their financial goals.

Want to make use of this popular site like a seasoned pro? Below, we’ll share several tips that will improve your company’s results through effective use of Twitter.


1) Tell your story


The biggest opportunity presented by Twitter is the chance for entrepreneurs to tell their story to millions of potential customers (140 characters at a time).

Start with your profile, where you can communicate what your brand is all about. Not only can you write a brief bio, but you can also drop a link to your main website they can follow if they want to learn more.

Furthermore, every tweet you send will give you an opportunity to define your attitude towards life, allowing to attract exactly the type of customer you want visiting your website or businesses.


2) Follow people related to your field


The ability to learn from and network with other people in your field is another huge benefit of having a Twitter account.

By following people and brands you know, love, and respect, you can stay on top with what is happening in your space, and depending on what they are doing, you may have a chance to collaborate with them.


3) Interact with your followers


Over the past five years, Twitter has become the front line for customer service efforts, as those with complaints directly tweet at brands with the aim of twisting their arm into doing something about their situation.

You can’t afford to ignore this, as they will voice their displeasure through other sites (like Yelp) if you don’t have a Twitter account to converse with customers who feel they have been wronged.

If you do have a Twitter account, you’ll be aware of problems as soon as they occur, allowing you to fix things before they do serious damage to your reputation.


4) Strike a balance between promotion and helping your customers


When businesses take to Twitter, some use it as a megaphone to aggressively promote their products and services with no regard for what consumers actually want.

While it is important to spread the word of what you have to offer the marketplace, you ultimately have to cater to what consumers actually want and need.


By asking open-ended questions to your followers, you’ll get a more accurate idea of what they are seeking, allowing you to re-tool your efforts to better meet their needs.


5) Drive traffic to your main website


Finally, the tweets you send out is a great way to drive traffic to your site. By promoting actual content over a naked appeal to buy your products, you’ll be positioning yourself as an expert while still giving them the opportunity to buy from you through calls to action within your posts.

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