A private equity firm’s approach to charity

A private equity firm’s approach to charity

In the private equity industry, it can become easy to get lost in the large figures that are being branded about – as firms attempt to better their initial investment.

As such, it can be refreshing to see the softer side of the industry. In the case of Sun Capital, not only have they grown to be one of the largest private equity firms in the world, but in doing so they have managed to support a range of charities. To put a number on it, the company has supported over 250 different organizations – quite a feat when you also consider all of the acquisitions they are involved in on a yearly basis.

A lot of this charity work comes in the form of the Sun Capital Partners Foundation. This was established in 2007 by Marc J Leder and Rodger R Krouse and perhaps one of the most distinguishing features is the fact that every individual who is involved in Sun Capital is united within the foundation. This includes everyone from top-level employees, right the way down to companies that are part of the portfolio.

The last sentence is particularly important when one analyzes the importance of employee contributions to the partnership. Sun Capital will 2 x match any gift donated by an employee – allowing those charities involved to benefit substantially.

Each charity is evaluated intensely and it means that the partnership is made up of some of the most worthy organizations in the world, including the following:

Boca Helping Hands

Boca Helping Hands (BHH) has been one of the most prominent organizations in the partnership. Sun Capital have been involved in this group for over six years and have been able to make a substantial difference to those who are part of it.

BHH was formed by several local religious congregations in 1998. Since initially opening as a food center three days a week, it is now open six days per week and also delivers meals to those who are homebound.

SOS Children’s Villages

The SOS Children’s Villages organization is formed of twelve family homes and a community center. Generally, it can be difficult for families who have been affected by abuse to stay together. The SOS Children’s Villages aims to make a difference in this regard and as well as providing therapy and the necessary life skills, they are ultimately able to keep a family under one roof.

The organization hope to provide all 75 children who can reside in their houses a vibrant childhood and one where they can overcome any difficulties that they have experienced in the past.

Best Buddies

Another organization who Sun Capital are proud to have partnered with is Best Buddies. Best Buddies help those people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities, aiming to form friendships and promote employment. While a wide range of people are covered, those suffering from Down syndrome, autism and cerebral palsy are particularly helped by the organization.

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