A good nights sleep

A good nights sleep

When it comes down to it, a hotel is really about guests needing a place to sleep. Your hotel may specialize in luxury spa offerings or have prized ocean views but don’t lose sight of the most important factor for every hotel, a good night’s sleep.

With over 30 years experience in luxury hotel management, Patrick Imbardelli, managing director of Imbardelli Holdings Limited, creates strategies for hotels, helping them improve guest services. Among his strategies is to ensure all guests receive the best night’s sleep possible.

A good night’s sleep will go a long way to warding off grumpy travelers while a bad nights sleep, no matter how beautiful your spa services, will directly affect your bookings. In a recent survey of Trip Advisor users, over 55% of travelers said they regularly look for information and reviews on the quality of sleep. Now you can’t cater to everyone’s quirks, but you can ensure your hotel offers the best in the basics.

Sheets and Blankets

From luxury thread counts, bamboo sheets, customized pillows and plush mattresses, some hotel brands have gone so far as to offer their premiums sheet sets, along with mattress pads and pillows. Not only is it a brilliant new revenue stream, but it is also an excellent marketing approach. Have your guests invested in your bed and they’ll come back to your hotel every time.

While not every hotel has the budget to upgrade to premium bedding, offering choice to your guests puts them in a position of power and makes them responsible for their quality of sleep. Trying providing a pillow menu and be sure to have extra pillows on hand.

If your hotel is in the Tropics, consider a lightweight duvet over the standard quilt and be sure to have extra blankets on hand for chillier nights.

All that racket!

While noise pollution is one of the most common complaints, it’s not always an easy fix. While guests should not reasonably expect complete silence, peace and quiet should be maintained as best as possible.

Investments should be considered in new doors and windows to minimize outside noises, and mounting TV’s on soundproofed walls helps to keep the volume from traveling next door.

If the budget doesn’t allow for major upgrades be sure check that all alarms are off and that the appliances in the room, such as air conditioners and minibars, are serviced regularly to run quietly at night.

Managing expectations is important. Offering earplugs or a white noise device will show the customer you’re doing all you can to mitigate the problem.

Let there be darkness!

In a study from the National Sleep Foundation, 73 of those surveys said a dark room is necessary for a good nights sleep. And lucky for your hotel, it’s an easy fix.

Black-out curtains are an affordable addition to any room. Ensuring the appliances in the room have dimming lights as well as installing LED light bulbs in the hallways means your guests will get a better sleep.

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