5 Ways To Fight Fatigue on the Road

5 Ways To Fight Fatigue on the Road

Whilst many of us dismiss it, fatigue on the road can be incredibly dangerous, when you are tried your judgement is several impaired and you probabilities of having an accident are increased. Road fatigue doesn’t always come from a lack of sleep, it can also come from over concentrating if you have driven for too long. When you are fatigued your spacial awareness is significant altered, your attention to detail and your concentration will worsen and you could become a danger to other road users. Truck drivers especially can face this problem after long hours n the road and drivers like Jon Bunge know only too well the importance of avoiding road weariness. If you are worried about getting tired on the road then here are 5 top tips to help you avoid getting fatigued.

Take a Good Break

If you know that you have a long journey ahead then ensure that you plan in breaks and more importantly that you plan lengthy breaks. A 2 hour stop might mean that you get to your destination later but it will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated to get back on the road. During your break make sure that you take on lots of water, perhaps try and have a sleep and you will see the difference when you get back to driving.

Avoid Heavy Meals

When you eat a large meal or a meal that is full of fat then your body needs to work hard to break it down, during this time the rest of your body will feel more tiered and have less energy. When you are traveling you need to ensure that when you eat, you eat either sensible meals or you eat little and often, this will give your body the energy it needs to drive and concentrate and avoid the danger of feeling fatigued.

Drink Coffee

Overdoing the coffee can cause you problems as even though it will give you a short boost of energy, your energy levels will crash as the caffeine leaves your system. Drinking two to three cups of coffee per day whilst driving will give you enough stimulation and energy to stay focussed without the withdrawal from caffeine.

Listen to Your Body

If you do begin to feel tired when your driving then don’t run any risks, take the opportunity to stop and recover, perhaps go for a walk, take a nap or eat some high energy food. Driving when tired simply isn’t worth the risk, there is every chance that you could cause an accident by falling asleep at the wheel and this is a chance that simply shouldn’t be taken.

Open the Window

Even if your body doesn’t need sleep, concentrating for long periods of time can be tiring and simply opening the window and letting some fresh air in can clear your head and give you the energy boost that you need. It may sound simple but fresh air can do you the power of good and help you concentrate until your next break.

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