5 Pillars of Smart Business Planning

5 Pillars of Smart Business Planning

Business is tough. And especially if you’re an owner, a manager, or someone who is trying to get something new off of the ground, there are an exceptional number of hurdles that you have to jump over. Success rates are pretty slim in the long run for new ideas or concepts, so you want to give yourself every advantage you can when it comes to smart business planning.

Five pillars of a high-functioning business are going to be related to inventory control, budgeting, promotions and marketing, hiring practices, and long-term branding. If you don’t consider yourself well-versed in these topics, it’s better to start learning about them now and implementing them as soon as possible, as opposed to waiting until lack of knowledge puts you at a disadvantage.

Inventory Control

If your business has any physical object, or even any digital things that need to be counted, then you have to pay attention to inventory. And this can be an incredibly complex topic. Even with the most modern technology and software behind you, issues with inventory control are extremely common. The more prepared you are for emergencies in advance, the better your chances for success are ultimately.


No business succeeds without the proper amount of effort towards budgeting. This means that you have to set your budget, keep your budget, follow your budget, learn where your budget can flex and bend, and have easy access to your budget at all times. New tech gives you all of this information at your fingertips after some initial organization, so be sure to use every possible opportunity to your advantage.

Promotions and Marketing

Every business needs to promote itself. There are an infinite number of possibilities as far as what can be tried and what may work, but the important thing to understand is that failing in the realm of promotions and marketing, means failing as a business. It needs to be one of the highest priorities that you have as a person-in-charge, because without it, you’ll be back to the drawing board.

Hiring Practices

Without smart hiring practices, your business is sunk. The employees’ attitudes and skill level will make the difference between success and bankruptcy, so without the smart planning behind your hiring practices, the rest of your business essentially is moot. Bad employees can sabotage a company far more quickly than bad products or services, so smart planning is needed when it comes time to look for fresh faces in the company lines.

Long-Term Branding

And as you’re doing your planning in all of those other regards, make sure that you keep long-term branding in the back of your mind as well. If you have consistent messaging that you output along with your company name and products, that will develop long-term brand trust that is absolutely invaluable.


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