4 Reasons Your Business’s Social Media Posts Aren’t Getting Likes

4 Reasons Your Business’s Social Media Posts Aren’t Getting Likes

Picture this: You write what feels like a witty or insightful post and publish it on your professional social media profiles with a satisfying click. Then you wait. And wait. And wait. No likes. No comments. We’ve all been there and it’s not a great feeling — especially when you don’t know why.

Social media marketing might be a nebulous mistress with constantly changing trends, but some digital marketing management rules never change. So we’re going to discuss four reasons your social media posts aren’t getting the engagement you need and how you can fix this.


  1. Your Social Media Profiles Are Incomplete or Boring 

When customers and fans of your brand follow you on social media, they expect you to have put the time and effort into filling them out properly. A comprehensive profile, such as the one Lori Janeson developed for her page, will encourage more engagement than a blank, unengaging page. Regardless of the platform, make sure that your overview and contact details are up to date and clearly visible. Adding flourishes like custom banners and prominently displaying your business’s logo is also important, along with injecting personality into both your bio and posts to give you or your brand a likable voice.


  1. You Don’t Post Frequently Enough 

Posting infrequently to your social media accounts is a huge no-no for any reputable business. Not only does the lack of consistently hint at unprofessionalism, it also may give your followers the impression that you’re no longer trading. Posting frequently keeps your business at the forefront of consumer’s minds and fosters brand loyalty.

On Facebook, posting often is particularly important, as Facebook’s algorithms include affinity between you and your followers. If someone who likes your brand interacts often with your posts, your content will be given higher priority on their newsfeed. If you don’t post frequently enough, this affinity will fade, making them less likely to be shown your posts. The fewer people who see your posts, the fewer likes you’ll get.


  1. You’re not Offering Incentives 

Studies show that users who follow brands on social media do so predominantly to receive customer support exclusive promotional vouchers. If your posts are all about sales, your user base isn’t going to feel compelled to engage with your content. By offering incentives, such as discount vouchers, you’re going to increase engagement and boost likes. Vouchers aren’t the only way to incentivize your page. You simply need to provide value to your fans, whether it’s in the form of informative infographics or contests that require them to share your posts.


  1. You’re too Wordy 

Did you know that Facebook posts are 53% more likely to receive likes if they include an image? If your posts are mostly textual, you need to rethink your social media strategy. Take the time to consider how you might convey your message using fewer words and more images. Imagery can be just as descriptive and evocative as text. This means you can’t just attach any old stock image to your status updates and expect them to go viral. Be creative and, where possible, do your own photography. Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries. Images that are provocative or funny tend to get far more shares than standard product photography.

Next time you’re struggling to get likes on your latest social media post, come back to this list. The advice may be simple, but it works. All you need to boost your business’s social media status is a lick of excitement and a sprinkle of perseverance.






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