3 Tips for Shaping a Strong, Customer-Focused Team

3 Tips for Shaping a Strong, Customer-Focused Team

There are many ways to boost customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. The digital marketing campaigns you run to engage customers play important roles in shaping your customers’ journeys. Your ecommerce site and brick-and-mortar establishments are parts of that journey too.


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What most businesses forget is that the customers’ journey doesn’t end with them making a purchase. To deliver a truly exceptional customer experience, you need a strong and customer-oriented team backing up your business. Here are the top three tips and tricks you can use to make your team more customer-oriented.

Give Them Room

One of the first things you can implement if you want your team to be more customer-oriented is giving the team members enough room to care for the customers. Many businesses have successfully incorporated this strategy into their operations, with Ritz-Carlton being the most famous example of them all.

Every employee of Ritz-Carlton, from the doorman and receptionist to the cleaning staff and security guards, is given a budget for customer needs. Try asking for something extra – and off the menu – the next time you enjoy breakfast at a Ritz-Carlton property and the waiter will immediately fulfill your request.

That budget – the room given by Ritz-Carlton to its employees – resulted in many brilliant moments in the customers’ journey. A lot of business travelers I know prefer to stay in a Ritz-Carlton property whenever they travel exactly for the exceptional experience they always get.

Reward More, Punish Less

A balanced reward and punishment system is an effective tool for shaping your team. In the case of making them more customer-focused, however, rewards are far more effective than punishments. You want to personally reward employees that offer good customer service, especially those who received the customers’ praise.

It is also a good idea to reward accomplished employees openly. This will motivate others to be even more customer-oriented. It is a move that will benefit the whole team and the business in general.

To maintain a certain degree of fairness, develop a system for benchmarking customer satisfaction. The actual system that suits your business will depend on what industry you are in, how team members interact with the customers, and other factors. A benchmarking system, especially one that every team member can also access, is another effective tool to have.

Define Your Objectives

Last but not least, always make sure team members are on the same page about what they – and the business – need to achieve. Customer satisfaction can mean different things for different people. As a way to make the team more tight-knit, define the objectives you want to achieve clearly.

It is even better if you can get your team members involved in making that definition. 89 Degrees, an accomplished marketing agency with years of experience in customer loyalty, utilized this approach to make sure every part of the team works together in delivering the best results for the company’s clients. You can see from the company’s achievements just how well they work together.

These tips will help shape your team into a customer-oriented, very effective asset. That asset, in turn, will be the main ingredient for the success of your business. Only a strong team can take your business to new heights, especially in a competitive market.

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