Essential Social Media Do’s and Don’ts for Businesses

Likely your business already has at least fledgling accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which all offer free business marketing tools that customers and potential customers increasingly flock to. When used properly, social media has the potential to bring in customers your business could never have reached before. With all the advantages social media brings, however, there are some pitfalls to watch out for. In an epic Twitter fail in June 2015, a BBC journalist mistakenly tweeted that Read more [...]

Choosing a Security System: 5 Options for your Milton Keynes Business

Milton Keynes businesses need protection from crime as much as anywhere in the country. Unfortunately the threat of a break-in or the problem of vandalism is just as prevalent in Milton Keynes as it is in other large towns and cities. When businesses choose a security system for their premises they normally select a combination of measures that combine to create the best protection possible, which meets their needs at the required budget. The choice of solutions depends on the specific nature of Read more [...]
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Using Your Telephone System More Effectively

Many a year ago the telephone was nothing more than… a telephone. Two people holding a conversation electronically from far and wide. At the time, it was a remarkable accomplishment. The telephone system has moved on lots since then – and the ability to speak to another person or a group of people in different venues remains vital in many business operations. Have you ever worked for a company that did not have some sort of telephony requirement? I didn’t think so. Whether it’s a small Read more [...]
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Everything That is Wrong with Spying on Employees’ Cell Phones

Deployment of spy apps in the workplace does come off as an attractive idea, especially if your business is suffering due to your employees dedicating an unacceptable amount of time to personal phone calls, messages, and web surfing. However, keeping tabs on your employees’ cell phones is not guaranteed to bring you the desired results. On the contrary, it can create even more problems for you and your business. Let’s take a look at why keeping an eye on employees’ usage of cell phones is not Read more [...]

Banner Advertising – Should it be your ‘Go To’ Marketing Tool?

No matter the size of your business, advertising is a must, whether it’s to push your latest product or build brand awareness you’ve got to get your name and message out there in front of the people you want to court as customers or clients. There might be some businesses which are considered ‘too big to fail’ but there is no business which is ‘too big to not advertise’. This is how the whole advertising industry has been built on the back of businesses wishing to promote their products Read more [...]

Your Startup Success: Letting the Media Announce the Launch for You

You want the press to cover your business. But, you don’t want to have to chase people around for that coverage. Normally, business owners have to spend a lot of time on the phone just to get the ear of a journalist. Even then, there are no guarantees that the business will be featured in any news outlet. Here’s how to increase your odds. Create Your Press List Research your market and make a list of every daily newspaper that would be most likely to cover your business. For example, if Read more [...]

Cloud Computing and Your E-Commerce Operations: A Modern Match Made for Business Success

If you run an e-commerce business, you may have already heard a lot about going into the cloud. Cloud software is becoming the main way that e-commerce businesses operate, and they work perfectly together. Cloud-based software is becoming the preferred option. It is simple and efficient, even when managing complex tasks. Here are some of the main benefits of using cloud-based solutions for your business. Quick to Start There are many benefits of cloud computing, and one of these is how Read more [...]

The Unexpected Costs of Owning Rental Homes

While it can be a brilliant idea to become a landlord, there are expenses other than the mortgage that you will have to worry about each month. These hidden costs incurred while keeping the home in good shape are what you need to look out for. Property Management Owning rentals can be executed without necessarily hiring a property manager, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. A property manager markets the property and brings in qualified tenants, helps in the collection of rent, organizes Read more [...]

Increase Brand Visibility By Advertising With Thomson Local

Owning any type of business is hard work and the one thing that all businesses – whether small or big and whatever sector they specialise in – need to do is ensure that their brand is visible to their targeted audience. This means that if you are an electrician, you need to ensure that people in your local area know who you are and how to contact you and an effective way to do this nowadays is to advertise through Thomson Local. There is both an online and a printed version of Thomson Local Read more [...]
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2015’s Biggest Reputation Management and SEO Secrets

Maintaining a good reputation for your business is vital to its success. This is because people are now using a reputation to decide how they will shop. Social media and review websites are becoming increasingly popular, and people use these to find out what is being said about a business, allowing this information to influence their decisions. According to a true reputation management expert, this is why businesses must focus on their reputation now more than ever. What Are Search Engines Looking Read more [...]
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