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The End of Year Tax 2016

The end of tax year organization is not often the first thing on the mind of small business owners. However, for the most organized SME’s this process is prepared early in advance. Companies that fail to capitalise on forward planning will often suffer once April rolls around and the panic sets in. To ensure that you are getting the most out of our tax returns check out the following guide written by 11 successful small business owners. Each tip will help you to prepare for the next tax year. Read more [...]

How to Set a Good Driving Example For Your Child  

As the leader of your family, it’s your responsibility to help make sure that your child has the best possible chances of becoming a safe driver. When it’s their turn to take the wheel, you want to be sure they understand not only the basic operation of the vehicle, but also how to: Use good driver etiquette Handle unexpected emergency situations Deal with accidents and injuries Deal with other drivers Navigate unfamiliar territories Teaching Good Driver Etiquette Teaching Read more [...]

4 Reasons Entrepreneurs Choose Philadelphia to Plant their Business Roots

One of the most important aspects to consider when a person wants to start a new business or relocate their existing business is the location. While many people aren't going to relocate just to open their business, it is important to consider the impact the location might have and consider places like Philadelphia as a place to establish their business. There are quite a few benefits of establishing a business in Philadelphia, which could mean the business, is more successful than it might have been Read more [...]

3 Lessons a Regular Job Can Teach About Freelancing

When you trade your day job for a freelancing career, you give up a regular flow of income in exchange for greater professional freedom. And with nearly 70% of U.S. workers finding themselves not engaged at work, you can’t really be faulted for deciding to go solo. However, just because you’re avoiding a regular office setup doesn’t mean you get to leave everything behind. Some practices and habits that you’ll develop in a regular job can actually be applied to freelancing. After all, you’ll Read more [...]

How to be a Successful Leader Today

Leadership can be a tricky affair, some of us are born with the instinct and aptitude required to successfully lead teams and individuals to achieve goals, others need to work a little harder but all of us are more than capable of doing so. Many have skewed views of what leadership actually is, many see it like a military style approach where it is your job to stay in line, others see it as simply being head honcho and dishing out orders whilst they relax in a comfy office chair playing online games. Read more [...]

The Charles Phillips Success Story

Charles Philips is CEO of one of the largest enterprise software application companies in the World, Infor. A company that has steadily rose to the top of its industry and now competes with the largest in the game, SAP and Oracle. The recent rise in Infors reputation is down to the acquisition in 2010 of the then Director of rival Oracle, Charles Phillips. A man who is considered by the industry to be the best in his field, who’s aggressive and forward-thinking approach, coupled with a tech savvy Read more [...]

How to Be a Successful Leader

For a business to be effective, it needs a great leader at its helm. Leaders, men and women alike, inspire their employees to go above and beyond. However, leadership talent is lacking in about 60% of businesses, which is making it more difficult for these companies to get where they want to be. Did you know that 37% of people who leave their job say they did so because of poor leadership? Leadership isn’t a science, it is an art. But it is an art that can be learned as well. Some people are literally Read more [...]

How to Get Asset Finance for your Business

If your business needs to purchase a piece of office or engineering equipment, a car, a van, or another asset and you don’t have the funds to buy it upfront, asset finance can help. Asset finance is a type of loan where you purchase a business asset, pay monthly payments to the finance company and at the end of the term of the deal you either own the asset or it is returned as part of a hire purchase agreement. Find out more about this popular form of business finance and whether it is right for Read more [...]

Suzzanne Uhland for Your Bankruptcy and Chapter 11 Needs

Suzzanne Uhland has a long history, more than 20 years, or legal experience in the fields of Chapter 11 and out of court restructurings. She has become an expert in her field during that time and is often called upon for her expertise in the matter. Education Suzzanne received an excellent education, first at Stanford University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Economics and a Master of Arts Degree in Linguistics. She moved on to Yale University afterward – earning a JD Read more [...]
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Communication Tips for Effective HOA Board Meetings

No one enjoys sitting in an HOA board meeting for hours, and your board members don't want to sit through fights and battles. The key to avoiding these scenarios is good communication. If your board members can communicate their agenda and meeting rules well, you will avoid debates, arguments and endless discussions, making your board meetings effective and, possibly, enjoyable. Have an Agenda, and Stay Focused A good board meeting starts with an agenda. Prior to the meeting, create an agenda Read more [...]
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