How to Write Business Copy Well without Being a Copywriter

You're not a writer, but you need to write in your job or to grow your own business. The thing is, writing business and marketing copy is often a critical part of a job, whether you're an official copywriter or not. At least, you'd need to write business letters and e-mails to correspond with vendors,  colleagues, and other stakeholders. In this article, we'll discuss how to write business copy well without being a copywriter by trade or profession. 1. Perform Freewriting Freewriting is an Read more [...]

Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Temporary Employees

Hiring temporary staff is something that most businesses will have to do at some point or another. Whether it’s to plug a temporary hole in your staffing levels or to temporarily expand your available manpower over busy holiday periods, temporary staff are the perfect means of ensuring that your business has enough staff to function to the best of its ability. However, just like when you are hiring for regular long-term positions, taking the wrong approach to your hiring can end up having a Read more [...]

Digital Marketing Companies – What They Can Do For You

There are many techniques used by digital marketing companies to help improve your business. One such strategy is to use social media platforms. Since social media began over fifteen years ago with myspace, business has been using them as advertising and marketing platforms. Now there are so many different sites with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest being the most common to promote and advertise your business or event. Each of the different sites provides new and unique ways to attract and Read more [...]

The Benefit of Virtual Training platforms

In this new technological age, many companies who have liked to do in house training are beginning to as why are virtual training platforms so great for your employees? And why do they achieve such prodigious results. Well the answer lies within the way that people learn, and also the options offered by such platforms. The key features are that the learning can be tailored specifically to each individual and, by using a tablet or laptop, can be done anytime anywhere, as is your preference.   How Read more [...]

Company accounts

If you are an entrepreneur with specialist knowledge in accounting or finance, you probably have no second thoughts when it comes to carrying out your company accounting tasks in-house. However, for most entrepreneurs and company directors without previous accounting experience, it is a different story as the thought of having to carry out business accounting tasks personally can be quite intimidating.   As a sole trader, you might still be able to carry out your accounting tasks yourself Read more [...]

How Should You Invest Your Money?

Investing money can be a slippery slope at times. In one hand, the want and need to find ways to grow your money is important. But in the other? The thought of putting all your eggs in one investment basket can be a bit overwhelming as well. The truth is, if you can take your time and get educated about what works best for you and your finances, you'll begin to feel a bit less anxious when it comes to deciding how to invest your money. How Should You Invest Your Money? That's the million dollar Read more [...]

The Elizabeth line and what it means for UK businesses

It’s no secret that both living and working in the south of England is more costly. From everyday items to the average cost of a rented property, living in or around the capital can see you paying considerably more, compared to towns and cities in the north of the country. To make living more affordable, you’ll find that jobs in the south offer a higher salary bracket, compared to a job in cities like Liverpool and Manchester. When it comes to property prices in the south, this doesn’t just Read more [...]

Confidence – The Key to Successful Leadership

Without confidence, a manager will struggle to come across as a natural born leader. The reality is that anyone can get promoted but not everyone takes to leadership like a duck to water. Sometimes it takes training in the art of leadership or to work on the relationship with your inner self to provide the assertiveness and confidence to come across as strong and dependable, or someone worth following. When people say that business is modern warfare, it only serves to highlight how adaptable you Read more [...]
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Developing and promoting your business USP – Is it all about being the best?

You can’t deny the fact that deciding your business USP (unique selling proposition) is perhaps the most vital decision that you can make about your business. In case you want your business to stand apart from the crowd, every step that you take will become easier as you will gain maximum visibility from your clients. Clients and customers will be easily accessible and your fans will spread the word about your business and tell people why they love you. In short, USP can often mean the difference Read more [...]

How to Raise Morale, and Why It Matters for Your Small Business

Despite their difference in size,  small and big business are often tasked with similar objectives and concerned with identical problems. Neither can afford to take their accounting casually, for example. And regulatory agencies demand compliance regardless of size. One of the other areas that know no size is morale. In fact, low morale might impact small companies even more than big ones. That is because it might take quite a long time for morale issues to hit a critical mass in a big company. Read more [...]
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