Suzzanne Uhland for Your Bankruptcy and Chapter 11 Needs

Suzzanne Uhland has a long history, more than 20 years, or legal experience in the fields of Chapter 11 and out of court restructurings. She has become an expert in her field during that time and is often called upon for her expertise in the matter. Education Suzzanne received an excellent education, first at Stanford University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Economics and a Master of Arts Degree in Linguistics. She moved on to Yale University afterward – earning a JD Read more [...]

How an Open Office Layout Can Boost Business Productivity

If you own, manage or work for a business that still has cubicles, it is time to consider the benefits of an open office layout. Plenty of businesses are tearing down those antiquated cubicles in favor of a more open working environment as it boosts efficiency as well as communication. Let's take a closer look at why open office spaces are reaching a mainstream tipping point. A Truly Communal Working Space One of the biggest problems with cubicle culture is the lack of communication. Workers Read more [...]
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Communication Tips for Effective HOA Board Meetings

No one enjoys sitting in an HOA board meeting for hours, and your board members don't want to sit through fights and battles. The key to avoiding these scenarios is good communication. If your board members can communicate their agenda and meeting rules well, you will avoid debates, arguments and endless discussions, making your board meetings effective and, possibly, enjoyable. Have an Agenda, and Stay Focused A good board meeting starts with an agenda. Prior to the meeting, create an agenda Read more [...]

Five ways to cut communication costs for your business

If you run a business and are looking for ways to shave costs, you might want to start by examining your monthly utility bills. How much do you spend on international phone calls to clients or shipping documents? Communication is a vital part of any business, but it’s even more important in a global economy. Here are five ways that you can cut costs while still staying in touch when it matters the most. 1. Go paperless Most big businesses have already gone paperless wherever possible, so you Read more [...]

Workplace Racial Discrimination – Facts To Be Aware Of

We can define racial discrimination as any attitude or action, unconscious or conscious that subordinates individuals based on race. The US Civil Rights Commission highlights that this can happen at an institutional or individual level. There are tens of thousands of discrimination charges that appear in the country every single year. The good news is that most of them culminate into monetary benefits. However, according to New Jersey discrimination lawyer Ravi Sattiraju, it is important that Read more [...]

Ultimate4trading demo account – Steps to give it a start

After reading the title of this post, you must be wondering about what this Ultimate4Trading demo account is. Well, this is an online trading tool which has been developed with the goal of facilitating the online traders to improve their trading business online and successfully generate better profits out of the investments that they make. This demo account tool works with complex yet effective algorithm which offers the traders a wide array of recommended trades on which they can invest their dollars Read more [...]

Designing a logo in 2016 – Creating a killer logo can help you with better visibility

So, you think designing a logo is simple, right? Think again! Designing a logo is much more than placing the name of your company within a box and calling it a game! Nowadays, logo designers have a huge demand and their popularity is definitely for a good reason. Usually a logo is the very first impression of a company which can have a huge impact on the way in which the customers perceive a brand, making purchasing decisions and shape the overall attitude towards the services and products. We are Read more [...]

3 Effective Traditional Advertising Tools You Can Use to Boost Your Business

Despite the presence of social media that you can utilize for advertising, you can still stick with more traditional advertising methods. They might seem outdated, but they actually still work. This is true especially for small businesses. You are not targeting a huge audience, so there is really no need for you to go big and maximize social media. You just want to ensure that you capture the attention of your local audience and make them want to buy what you have to offer. Outdoor banners These Read more [...]
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How to Successfully Trade Forex: The Top 10 Dos and Don’ts to Be Aware Of

Trading forex is not for the faint of heart. Often seen as an unpredictable market, its potential profitability is offset by its dangerous risks, and it can prove too unwieldy for those unable to stomach the thought of losses. For those with a little more derring-do, however, it can be the ideal investment instrument. Offering the potential to earn dazzling amounts of money, it is fast-paced, thrilling, and will keep you on the edge of your seat. To many, its true beauty lies in its complexity. Read more [...]

Email marketing tips – One of the most persuasive forms of online marketing

If done in the right way, email marketing has got the potential to one of the most persuasive and effective forms of online marketing and also provides the highest ROI for your business. Despite knowing this, there are some companies which still don’t embrace email marketing strategies in the correct way and this is why they fail to get the desired results which they expect as per their efforts. When it comes to lead generation, email marketing is definitely one of the favorite marketing tactics Read more [...]
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