The Power of Images for Social Media Marketing

Social media is a big part in our everyday lives, it has become a tool for daily socialization and continues to evolve in various shapes and forms, however, something similar did form from all these networking sites, and that would be their ability to showcase images. All social media sites today either have a feature that allows them to post images and or are actual image apps. So why did social media get so visual? According to eMarketer, photos accounted for 87% of interaction rate on Facebook Read more [...]
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Increase Your Profits Through Enhanced Online Visibility

We live in an exciting time where the internet has made successful advertising campaigns viable to all businesses, no matter how big or small. It’s easy to make a website, even for the novice, and social media campaigns often don’t cost a penny. TV, radio and billboard advertising may be simply inaccessible to smaller, local businesses. However, the internet has opened up a world of opportunity to the smaller-sized business, and many local businesses find themselves turning into national operations Read more [...]

How Practicing Assertiveness Can Help Professional Performance

Assertiveness is considered to be one of the core communication skills. People who are assertive have more self-esteem, confidence and are able to effectively communicate their point of view to others.  Such a skill is a hallmark of leadership and may be a differential when being considered for career advancement. Being assertive does not have to be viewed with negative connotations of persons who are seen as being pushy, rude or insensitive to the feelings and needs of others. In fact, according Read more [...]

Use These Directories to Get Free Exposure for Your Business

Setting up a business is complicated enough, but getting it noticed online can feel like a constant battle. It's not just because of your competition. It's also because there's just too much noise on the internet. There are so many voices trying to be heard all at once. That's why a lot of businesses are turning toward directory listings as a best practice. Directory sites aggregate business information to make it easy for people to find local businesses. In some senses, they recreate the usefulness Read more [...]

The Top Benefits of Recycling for Your Business

Children all over the world are being taught to recycle; the number one motive: save our planet and make our way of life sustainable. It’s a noble goal and if we can save the Earth this way, it’s a good cause and well worth our efforts. Our children deserve a green habitat, after all. But what is often not mentioned is that recycling does more than simply reduce the damage we might do to our environment – recycling actually helps our businesses become more productive. Surprised? Here are the Read more [...]

Essential Social Media Do’s and Don’ts for Businesses

Likely your business already has at least fledgling accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which all offer free business marketing tools that customers and potential customers increasingly flock to. When used properly, social media has the potential to bring in customers your business could never have reached before. With all the advantages social media brings, however, there are some pitfalls to watch out for. In an epic Twitter fail in June 2015, a BBC journalist mistakenly tweeted that Read more [...]

Choosing a Security System: 5 Options for your Milton Keynes Business

Milton Keynes businesses need protection from crime as much as anywhere in the country. Unfortunately the threat of a break-in or the problem of vandalism is just as prevalent in Milton Keynes as it is in other large towns and cities. When businesses choose a security system for their premises they normally select a combination of measures that combine to create the best protection possible, which meets their needs at the required budget. The choice of solutions depends on the specific nature of Read more [...]
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Using Your Telephone System More Effectively

Many a year ago the telephone was nothing more than… a telephone. Two people holding a conversation electronically from far and wide. At the time, it was a remarkable accomplishment. The telephone system has moved on lots since then – and the ability to speak to another person or a group of people in different venues remains vital in many business operations. Have you ever worked for a company that did not have some sort of telephony requirement? I didn’t think so. Whether it’s a small Read more [...]
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Everything That is Wrong with Spying on Employees’ Cell Phones

Deployment of spy apps in the workplace does come off as an attractive idea, especially if your business is suffering due to your employees dedicating an unacceptable amount of time to personal phone calls, messages, and web surfing. However, keeping tabs on your employees’ cell phones is not guaranteed to bring you the desired results. On the contrary, it can create even more problems for you and your business. Let’s take a look at why keeping an eye on employees’ usage of cell phones is not Read more [...]

Banner Advertising – Should it be your ‘Go To’ Marketing Tool?

No matter the size of your business, advertising is a must, whether it’s to push your latest product or build brand awareness you’ve got to get your name and message out there in front of the people you want to court as customers or clients. There might be some businesses which are considered ‘too big to fail’ but there is no business which is ‘too big to not advertise’. This is how the whole advertising industry has been built on the back of businesses wishing to promote their products Read more [...]
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