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How Improving Customer Satisfaction Can Benefit Your Business

There are few areas more important to your business than customer satisfaction. Not only does this provide you with a clear indicator of your consumer's purchasing habits but it can also be utilized to attract new customers. There are many ways you can try to improve customer satisfaction rates. Some of them tried and true classics and others are directly linked to the new technologies we have available to us. Improving Customer Retention Many entrepreneurs are under the impression that the only Read more [...]
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How to Incorporate Creativity into Your 2016 Marketing Plan

Whether you’re selling spaceships or staples, there’s no excuse for a boring marketing plan in 2016. If you think that’s an exaggeration, see Blendtec’s (they sell blenders – that’s it) ‘Will it Blend?’ marketing strategy. It’s genius, and goes to show that whatever your product, a little bit of creativity goes a long way! But what if you just don’t have a punchy marketing team at your disposal? What if inspiration hasn’t quite fallen out of the sky? Cast your eyes over these Read more [...]

ILTA Technology Purchasing Survey Infographic

Business is always crucial and it is very important to know your customer’s purchasing habits. From the below infographic by axcient you can see that 281 law firm have taken a survey and we can see their purchases for the past 12 months.64% of them had purchased Laptops/Notebooks.63% of them have purchased desktop or hardwares.50% of them had upgraded servers and network.47% of them had purchased printers and other multifunctional devices and 41% of them have bought software’s like antivirus Read more [...]

The Secrets of Mystery Shoppers

If you run a business, research is the key to making sure that you are meeting your goals and making your customers happy. One of the most effective ways to research is to use a mystery shopper – someone who can enter your place of business while posing as a customer, then report back to you with observations and feedback on their experience. This is a great way to understand what the experience is like for your customers, so that you can improve the service you offer. The mystery shopping profession Read more [...]

How to Choose a Company to Manufacture Your Parts

One upon a time, the mechanics and industrial industry was a part of the world all on its own. Every element used in these industries had to be manufactured and produced by another. While some standard items existed, these would have to be specially ordered, often from companies that are very far away, if not in a different country. More often than not, they would need to be custom made, meaning someone would have to come out and take measurements, leave again to create a prototype and quotation Read more [...]

A Brief Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are financial terms that are used frequently to describe an event in which multiple companies amalgamate and come together. While the two terms are often used together, they are actually two very different things. This is one of the reasons why Generational Equity – Mergers works separately from the Acquisitions department, so as not to cause confusion. What Are Mergers and Acquisitions It is certainly true that mergers and acquisitions are very similar. However, in Read more [...]

Twitter Promotion Strategies And Fantastic Ways To Boost Your Twitter Followers

Twitter is an extraordinary platform that permits you to publish awesome tweets in a successful manner. You can also use it in order to broadcast more interesting information and talk to your twitter friends easily. The broadcasting platform not only offers you some benefits, but also allows you to share lots of data on Twitter. The most interesting and unique twitter post help you to get more number of twitter followers easily. If you wish to learn huge about Twitter, you can watch this following Read more [...]

Using Forex Trading to Grow your Portfolio of Investments

Most investors have a somewhat hands off approach when it comes to their portfolio, as most individual account holders are not full time traders. However, even passive investors have a tendency to look on in envy when they hear of investors who have enjoyed incredible windfalls in the investment market. This portfolio envy comes about due to the makeup of most portfolios, which are generally a mix of stocks, bonds, and cash weighted by the type of account the individual has; defensive, income, Read more [...]

Tips to consider when purchasing your dream car

Are you looking to buy your dream car? Well, it is not a matter of joke at all. Purchasing a car is definitely one of the most investments that you make in your life. You will have to be careful while buying car for your personal use. If you are amongst those who is purchasing car for the first-time, then you may ask your close friends to help you out in this matter. If they have purchased car in the past, then you can ask them about the features of your favorite car that you are planning to get Read more [...]

What you need to know about cement rendering service

Cement rendering service is about using thin premixed mixture of cement, line and sand lime that is applied as a surface coat on the wall of cement, mud brick, stone or brick. This is usually colored, textured or painted and used on the exterior part of the walls, however it can also be used in the interior side. Cement rendering may be smooth or rough based on your needs and it is very easy to achieve its look. This enables you to get a natural, pigmented, smooth, colored or textured look that is Read more [...]
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