Most Useful Electric Hand Dryers for Daily Uses in Public Toilets

Do you want to get yourself familiar with latest technologically advanced hand dryers that are very common in public toilets? If yes, then you must have benefitted from its usefulness as the very replacement of toilet papers. However, you must understand the services of those online companies specializing in washroom sectors. You must hold these online resources as the one-stop destinations to introduce breathtaking washroom arrangements. CGS Stores have successfully introduced Qbic as the very Read more [...]

How to Improve Your Management Skills

Leadership is a great quality to have, regardless of your industry or position, you should always look to be a strong leader. For some people, they are born with the instinct to lead, this isn’t a characteristic that everyone possesses and it is a skill that must be worked on. Successful people who understand effective business management like George Bardwil, all display a certain set of skills that set them apart, it is these skills that make them successful leaders. If you wish to improve your Read more [...]

Could an English Course Really Boost Your Career Chances?

If you’re looking to get ahead in your career, you may want to consider signing up to an English course. Even if English is your first language, taking an additional course could still prove extremely beneficial. Why? Because in business, English plays an extremely important role. It isn’t just basic English language skills you’ll need to get ahead. Did you know for example, that business English is slightly different to your everyday English skills? Below you’ll discover just how an English Read more [...]

Money Saving Tips for Going into Business Alone

Going into business alone is a great idea. If you have the drive, passion and finances to make it happen, then why spend your days helping to make someone else’s dreams come true, right? So, if you’ve decided to go it alone, although exciting, the prospect can be quite daunting, especially when it comes the money side of things. Here are some top money saving tips for going into business alone: Speak to a Financial Adviser Doing your own taxes and complications in business law mean that when Read more [...]

How Small Airlines Can Save Money

Cutting costs as a small airline can be really tricky. With so many expensive outgoings, it can be hard to find areas where you can cut back without risking safety or lowering standards. A lot of budget airlines are really good at cutting costs, so what can small airlines do to take inspiration from them and save money. Here are some top tips: Save on the Interior The inside of the plane doesn’t have to be luxurious, it just has to be comfortable enough for customers for the duration Read more [...]

Office Design and Décor

The office is more than just a working space, it’s also a living space and a statement. The office speaks volumes about the type of business that inhabits it and the people that work in the space everyday. So when it comes to office design and decor it’s important to strike a balance between functionality and comfort while also creating a space that reflects you and your business. The Shape of Success Designing an effective layout and structure for an office are the starting blocks of success. Read more [...]

Why it’s Crucial for Your Business to have a Website

You may be a traditionalist, and you may think: “Businesses existed for decades without a website, so why should I need one now?” Fair enough, you may be able to build a business without the modern convenience of having a website, but one thing is for sure: there’s a lot of missed opportunity if you don’t have a website that attracts visitors. In fact, a business without a website is like a business that doesn’t exist. A potential customer who wants to check you out online but can’t find Read more [...]

Stand Out from the Crowd with a Master of Finance degree

As the MBA candidate pool seems to get bigger every year, many prospective business school students are asking themselves how they can distinguish themselves to employers. Top employers are always on the lookout for talented graduates, but how can you get yourself noticed by recruiters? These are some of the characteristics recruiters are always scouting for on business school campuses: Talent; it may seem obvious, but you have to get yourself out there to be noticed. Competing in case competitions Read more [...]
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SEO: Where It’s Been and Where We Are Now

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) used to be in a very dark place. The early days of SEO consisted of some pretty nasty tricks such as stuffing hidden keywords all over the page or changing the content of a page depending on if the user was a search crawling bot or a human. In the beginning, you could rank a page for almost any topic regardless of what the web page was actually about. Search engines got smarter, but so did black hat SEO hackers. The escalation of techniques and tricks become reminiscent Read more [...]

Five Interview Tips for 2016 Graduates

Let’s face it, graduate level jobs are incredibly hard to come by. Many companies expect job applicants to have a few years prior experience, which prompts the question “How do I get experience when no one will hire me without experience?” This age-old conundrum seems to be here to stay and other than interning, personal work and job shadowing there doesn’t seem to be much of an answer for this. However, if you are lucky enough to find an entry level job and your resume has been accepted, Read more [...]
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