Businesses to Venture in Cyprus

Cyprus is known to be a well-developed island country in the Eastern Mediterranean. It has a very high Human Development Index, and it has a high-income economy for most years in the 21st century. There are many contributors to the Cypriot economy. Cyprus has sandy beaches ideal for tourists during summer season. It also has other natural sceneries that tourists can enjoy such as Kaledonia Falls and Kyrenia Range. Moreover, oil and natural gas have been recently discovered in the Aphrodite City. Read more [...]

Gas Safety in the Workplace: What You Need to Know

Many businesses use gas appliances for heating, cooking, or other uses. There are gas cookers, gas heaters, gas boilers, gas laundry equipment, and more. All of these gas appliances must be safe to use when they are in the workplace, and it is the owner’s responsibility to have these appliances checked on a regular basis. There are also other key things you need to know about gas safety in the workplace: here are the most important. Gas Uses and Sources Gas used in the workplace can come from Read more [...]

The Best Tips To Hire the Right People For Your Help Desk

When your company requires a help desk, it is an essential aspect of customer service, and the perception customers have about your organization. Despite the importance of a help desk, many business leaders don’t take the necessary time and steps to hire the right people to man this part of their company. When you’re filling IT customer support positions there need to be quite a few elements that are heavily considered, including not only technical skills but also people skills and communication. It’s Read more [...]

Make great customer service a selling point of your law firm

Of all the consumer experiences out there, law firms tend to lag behind when it comes to customer service. Although there have been notable exceptions to this rule (like the injury law firm of Jeffrey Glassman, which has provided outstanding service to the citizens of Boston and the state of Massachusetts over the past two decades, which has resulted in an A+ rating by the BBB), there are many firms that have much room for improvement in how they interact with the public. How can customer Read more [...]

Why You’re Business Can’t Afford Not to Have a Marketing Strategy

Regardless of what type of business you have it is important that you factor money into your budget for marketing. In the past this was seen as something of a luxury that only the big companies could afford on a large scale, smaller businesses were forced to advertise on local radio and newspapers. Fortunately the digital age has brought with it an incredible amount of new marketing methods that have completely changed the face of how companies can market themselves. These days you can use SEO Read more [...]

5 Ways To Fight Fatigue on the Road

Whilst many of us dismiss it, fatigue on the road can be incredibly dangerous, when you are tried your judgement is several impaired and you probabilities of having an accident are increased. Road fatigue doesn’t always come from a lack of sleep, it can also come from over concentrating if you have driven for too long. When you are fatigued your spacial awareness is significant altered, your attention to detail and your concentration will worsen and you could become a danger to other road users. Read more [...]

Business ethics – Why the modern-day company has to abide

If we turn the clock back centuries, it would be fair to say that business ethics were pretty much non-existent. In other words, companies could do what they wanted - there was only one goal, and that was to make as much profit as possible. Now, things have changed tremendously. This may have partly occurred due to legal reforms, but on the whole the modern day business realizes that increased profits generally correlate with a good reputation. Those companies that are unpopular generally see their Read more [...]

Review: Dealforce, a business for sale app by the Generational Group

Over the past half-decade or so, smartphones and the apps that have come with them have transformed the face of our society. More than just games, they have taken the place of cameras, paper maps, and many other things that we used to take for granted in the analog world. This wave of mobile disruption has even made its way into the business world, as a new app called Dealforce has the potential to change the way that merger and acquisition of businesses are done in the 21st century. Below, we Read more [...]

A good nights sleep

When it comes down to it, a hotel is really about guests needing a place to sleep. Your hotel may specialize in luxury spa offerings or have prized ocean views but don’t lose sight of the most important factor for every hotel, a good night's sleep. With over 30 years experience in luxury hotel management, Patrick Imbardelli, managing director of Imbardelli Holdings Limited, creates strategies for hotels, helping them improve guest services. Among his strategies is to ensure all guests receive Read more [...]

Why Confidentiality Is Important When Selling A Business

For many business owners, there comes a time when they want to sell. Maybe it’s to retire or just to move onto something else. Selling a business certainly isn’t uncommon, and it happens all the time in the marketplace. If you have a business, and you’re sure you want to sell, you may be a little more lax about the confidentiality aspect of the process, or you may wonder why it’s important altogether. Below are some of the biggest reasons it’s critical to maintain discretion when you’re Read more [...]
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